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A Major League Baseball bat or a whole pineapple.

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Q: What object weighs a kilogram?
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What object weighs 1 kilogram?


What object weighs 5 kilogram?

Well, a kilogram weighs 2.2 pounds, so 5 kg would be something that weighs 11 pounds.

What is an object that weighs less than 1 kilogram?

A newspaper.

What object weighs less than a kilogram?

An egg weighs less than 1 kilogram - or an apple.

What is an object that weighs 1 kilogram?

2.2046 pounds A major league baseball ba

How kilogram is equal to265lb?

An object that weighs 265 pounds on earth has a mass of 120.2 kg.An object that weighs 265 pounds on the moon has a mass of 736.2 kg.

What object weighs 1000 g?

The volume of pure water of 1 cubic decimeter weighs 1 kilogram or 1000 gram.

What is 20000lbs in kilogram?

The mass of an object that weighs 20,000 lbs on earth is 9,071.9 kg. (rounded)

How many kilogram is 130lb?

If an object weighs 130 lb on earth, then its mass is 58.97 kg. (rounded) If an object weighs 130 lb on the moon, then its mass is 361.2 kg. (rounded)

Mass of object is 51 kilogram what is the weight in pounds?

1 kilogram weighs 2.20462 pounds, on earth. (rounded)51 kilograms weighs (51 x 2.20462) = 112.436 pounds (on earth, rounded)

What weighs less a gram or a kilogram?

A gram weighs less than a kilogram.

What food weighs one kilogram?

A pineapple weighs about one kilogram.

How much is 150.4 lbs in kilogram?

An object that weighs 150.4 pounds on earth is a 68.22 kg mass.

What weighs more a gram or kilogram?


What weighs more a pound of gold or a kilogram of silver?

A kilogram of silver weighs more.

How many kgs in a pound?

On earth, each kilogram of mass weighs 2.205 pounds. On earth, an object that weighs 1 pound has 0.454 kilograms of mass.

Is a book a gram or kilogram?

A kilogram.A kilogram.A kilogram.A kilogram.

Does a 20kg object have the same weight on earth as it does the moon?

No. On Earth, each kilogram weighs about 9.8 newtons. On the Moon, the weight of each kilogram is about 1/6 of what it is on Earth.

What object compares to a kilogram?

a kilogram

Which weighs more a kilogram or a gram?

a kilogram! it takes 1000grams to have a kilogram..hehee

How many kilogram is 165 lbs?

On earth (only), an object that weighs 165 pounds has 74.843 kg of mass. (rounded)

On earth a kilogram mass weighs about how many pounds?

On earth a kilogram mass weighs about how many pounds?

What weighs less646 grams or 1 kilogram?

646 grams weighs less than 1 kilogram.

Something that weighs a kilogram?

a kilogram is equivalent to two pounds.

What weighs 1 kilogram or more then 1 kilogram?

The sun