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The objects in motion are the ball and the bat. The ball has no guarantee of going in a straight line because it depends on the pitch and the wind and the bat goes from side to side when the player swings it to hit the ball.

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Q: What objects are in motion?
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What is the change in objects position called?

The change in an objects position is called motion.

What does friction do to the motion of objects?

Friction slows down the motion of objects.

Why do objects not remain in constant motion?

Objects do not remain in constant motion because of newton's 2nd law of motion: objects in motion remain in motion forever unless acted upon by an outside force. Therefore, objects do not remain in motion because they have been acted upon by and outside force ( balanced force ).

How does friction always effect the motion of objects?

Friction inhibits the motion of objects.

Objects in motion are the result of what force?

Objects in motion are the result of unbalanced forces.

When you both the speed and direction of an objects motion you know the objects?

translatory motion

When was Objects in Motion created?

Objects in Motion was created on 1998-11-11.

What effect do balanced forces have on the motion of objects?

Balanced forces do not alter the motion of objects.

Objects in motion want to stay in motion because of?

This is Newton's First Law of Motion. Objects in motion stay in motion because of inertia (refer to the law of inertia for additional help).

What is objects at rest and objects in motion?

a car

What action has the ability to change an objects motion?

it's force the action that has the ability to change an objects motion...

What causes the mnotion of objects?

what causes the motion of objects

Do all objects have momentum?

all objects in motion

What is the force that opposes motion between two objects?

Friction is the force that opposes motion between two objects.

The property of objects that resists change in motion is called?

The property of objects that resists changes in motion is called inertia.

What force is needed to keep objects in circular motion?

Centripetal force is the force that makes objects revolve in circular motion.

What kind of energy is carried by objects in motion?

Objects in motion possess kinetic energy.

What is a force that slows or stops motion when objects rub together?

Friction slows or stops motion when objects rub together.

The first law of motion explains that forces are required to initiate motion for objects at?


What is the motion that act on objects?

Inertia is the motion that acts on an object.

How can you describe the motion of an object?

By the relative motion of neighbour objects

What is the Einsteinian motion?

i think you are talking about einstiens motion theory that one is objects in motion tend to stay in motion.

What is the study of the relationships that exist between forces and the motion of objects?

Dynamics is the study of relationships that exist between forces and the motion of objects.

What is the scientific description of motion?

This explanation unified the motion of celestial bodies and motion of objects on earth.

Which of newtons laws of motion deals with objects in motion stayin in straight-line motion is called what?

Newton's First Law called the Law of Inertia, deals with objects having constant motion staying in a straight-line.