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ice cream cone, a pylon, a party hat, flower bouquet (the thing that holds the flowers)

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Q: What objects are shaped like a cone?
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What objects are shaped like a cylinder?


What is an elliptical base?

An elliptical base is a base that is shaped like a flattened circle. This is most common on objects that are cone shaped.

What things are shaped like a cone?

a ice cream cone!:)

What is a solid or hollow figure shaped like a cone?

cone that is my answer

What is the name of a cake shaped like a cone?

A cream horn is a cone-shaped cake that is filled with cream.

Things that are shaped like a cone?

Funnel, ice cream cone, traffic cone.

What are cone shaped fruits?

They are fruits which are shaped like cones.

What object is shaped like a cone?

A cone! Obviously.....

What solid shape is shaped like a cone?

an ice-cream cone

What is shaped like a cone?

ice cream cone, sometimes vases

What is the base of a cone shaped like?

the base of a cone is a circle you dumb nut

What shape are Cone Snails?

The shells of cone snails are shaped roughly like an ice-cream cone.

What objects are shaped like a oval?

Some objects that are shaped like an oval include eggs and footballs.

What thing shaped like a cone?


Why are cereal boxes are not shaped like a cone?

Cause the volume a box is wider than the volume of a cone and when we use shaped cone the cereal wont fit in

What is a cone shaped tornado?

A cone-shaped tornado is simple a tornado whose funnel is cone-shaped. Tornado funnels may also appear rope-like, column-like, or appear wispy. The shape and size of a tornado do not necessarily indicate how strong the tornado is.

What is shaped like a cone in your house?

Party hats!

What does conical mean?

an object shaped like a cone

What do glans look like?

It's cone-shaped.

What is the shape of a cinder cone volcano?

Cinder cone volcanoes are cone-shaped and have a bowl-shaped crater.

Name a toy that's shaped like a cylinder and one like a cone?

Kerplunk for the cylinder, no idea fo the cone.

How do cinder cone forms?

Lava is spewed out of a vent like a cannonball, forming a cone-shaped volcano.

What is a scientific term for something that is shaped like a cone?


What do tepees look like?

A roughly cone shaped tent.

What are the Kinds of volcanoes according to shape?

Most types of volcanoes are either crater shaped or cone shaped. Stratovolcanoes are shaped like tall cone mountains and shield volcanoes are more flat and spread out.

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