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Q: What objects are three yards long?
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What is 5 yards?

Five yards is roughly 15 feet. Quite a few objects are at least five yards long.

What is the unit of length used in measuring long objects?

the unit of length used in measuring long objects are yards and feet and inches.

What objects are 5 yards long?

What objects are 5 yards, 6 centimeters, 2 millimeters, and 3 kilometers?

How long is three meters?

3.3 yards or 300cm

How many yards are there in 3 yards?

Yards and yards are the same length, so there are three (3) yards in three (3) yards

How long is 198 feet in yards?

There are three feet per yard so 198 feet is 198 / 3 = 66 yards.

How long is three football fields?

300 yards from one goal line to the other...then another 60 yards in end field space. Your answer could be 300 yards or 360 yards.300 yards because once football field is 100 yards long.

A tailor needs three pieces of fabric 1.68 yards long 1.5 yards long and 1.26 yards long. Estimate how many yards of material he should buy to the nearest yard.?

1.68 + 1.5 + 1.26 = 4.44. To the nearest yard, this is 4 yards but that would be of little use. He needs 5 yards, and the question should refer to the least number of whole yards rather than the "nearest yard".

How big is a chimera?

the chimera is a least three meters long and ten yards tall

How many meters in three yards?

3 yards = 2.7432 meters

How many square yards are in 6 ft long and 21 ft wide?

There are three feet per yard. Therefore, the given dimensions are equivalent to 2 yards and 7 yards, and the area is 14 square yards.

How long is a yard stick?

A yard is three feet long which is the equivalent of 36 inches.