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Insects, screws and nails, tubing are some examples.

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Q: What objects would you measure in mm?
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What value of 345 mm is a measure of .?

345 mm is a measure of length. A measure of density would have units of mass divided by volume.

What to use to measure mm of a gold chain?

To measure the mm of an item you would need to use a metric ruler. The metric ruler has cm and mm on it.

What objects can you measure with a millimeter?

Objects with small measurements that can be seen by naked eyes are used to be measured by mm .Like thickness of a book page. or thickness of a book.

What unit of measure would you use to measure the thickness of a quarter?

i think it is mm

What Would 1740 mm measure in meters?

1,000 mm = 1.000 meter 1,740 mm = 1.740 meters

What metric unit would you use to measure thickness of a phone book?

one page of a phonebook is measured in mm. unit thickness of a phone book is cm

Which of the following would you measure using a balance?

you will measure a mass or objects with force

Why do you measure things in millimeters and not centimeters or meters?

Different things require different measurements. The longer the object is, the bigger you would want the measuring ruler to be, right? When measuring objects, you would want the measurement to be as accurate as possible. Tiny objects would be usually mm, then cm, then m, then km as the objects get longer (basic forms of measurement). Hope this helped!

How many mm are in a round 1 carat diamond?

At the girdle, this stone would measure about 6.5 mm.

What is .15 mm Impressions?

0.15 mm impressions are the 0.15 mm indentations made by the pressure of objects into the surface of other objects.

What do we use to measure a computer screen?

you would use a ruler to measure a computer screen.

Which unit would you use to measure the thickness of a fingernail?