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Calculate 1 / 0.02 - that is the reciprocal of 0.02 (and 0.02 is the reciprocal of that number).

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Q: What of the above numbers has the reciprocal 0.02?
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How many 3 digit numbers have the sum of their digits equal to 5?


What is a numbers reciprocal called?

A number's reciprocal could be called a multiplicative inverse.

What is two numbers whose product is 1. the reciprocal of a fraction callled?

The product of -1 and -1 is 1. The reciprocal of a fraction is called its reciprocal.

What numbers don't have a reciprocal?

none that i can think of

What group of real numbers is -002 in?

Actually written as -2, an integer

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What is a reciprocal of 32?

if two numbers sum is 12 and product is 32 then which is reciprocal value?answer is 4

What are reciprocal numbers?

The reciprocal of a number is 1 divided by the number. Alternatively, a number and its reciprocal make a pair such that they always multiply to make 1.

The reciprocal of two more than a number is three fourths of the reciprocal of the numbers itself what is the number?


Do numbers hold the same value if you take the reciprocal?

No because for example the reciprocal of 2 is 1/2

How many numbers have no reciprocal?

In the context of real numbers, only the number 0.

What 2 numbers are their own reciprocal?

1 and -1

Do irrational numbers have reciprocals?

Every one of them has a reciprocal.

Two numbers whose product is 1 are called?

Two numbers with a product of 1 are called reciprocals. If you have a number and want to find the reciprocal of it, simply divide 1 by the number. For example, the reciprocal of 5 is 1/5, and the reciprocal of 700 is 1/700.

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Zero is 002. Well the numbers repersent wat examination number they are meaning wat examiny they are, so the numbers are given to each pair Ichi 001 Zero 002 , San 003 forta 004, Goe 005 Rokka 006,ect. so its like a ID number

What are the numbers if the number added to 8 times the numbers reciprocal is 6?

2 and 4

Vocabulary word for 1 of 2 numbers whose product is one?

A reciprocal. x is the reciprocal of y means that x*y = 1 Also, if x is the reciprocal of y then y is the reciprocal of x.

What is one of two numbers whose product is 1?

the answer is reciprocal.

Two numbers are what of each other if the product is one?


One of two numbers whos a product is 1?


What is the product of a trigonometric function and its reciprocal?

The product of any object and its reciprocal is always the identity. In the case of numbers, 1 (one).

What are resiprocals?

For example, the reciprocal of 3 is 1/3. Two numbers are reciprocals (each is the reciprocal of the other) if their product is 1.

What are not examples of reciprocal numbers?

2/3 and 3/4 are not reciprocals

How are the reciprocal of nonzero number and the multiplicative inverse of the numbers related?

For numbers with ordinary multiplication defined on them, they are the same.

What is a receprical?

Do you mean reciprocal? Well if you do it means the reciprocal of a fraction is mostly flipping the fraction. Here is an example below. Example: Carrie has 7\8 of apples. What is the reciprocal? Answer: The reciprocal is 8\7. It's easy you just switch the numbers.