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Q: What one is bigger a pea or Bean?
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What is Red kidney a pea or a bean?

A bean.

Does Lewis have a pea bean?


Is lentil a pea or bean?


What is another name for pea?

green bean

What is a another name for legume?

bean (green bean), pea, lentil, chick pea, garbanzo, peanut, clover, alfalfa, lucerne, soybean, vetch, pulse.

What is the difference between a pea seed and a corn seed?

The "endosperm" of the bean seed is made of two leaf-shaped halves called cotyledons. Technically, it's not called an endosperm. However, the corn seed contains one endosperm.

Pea bean is it a legume?

yes it is and do u have a English problem?

Which is better green pea or green bean?

green beans

Can you feed uncooked pea or bean seeds to birds?


What will you get if you cross a bean with a gun?

People angry with their puny pea shooters

How do microbes help pea and bean plants?

Microbes can help pea and bean plants by giving them important nutrients needed for healthy growth. For example, there are microbes that can add nitrogen, which is essential to plant growth.

How do you say bean in Chinese?

A general name for a bean or pea is 豆, pronounced "dou4" in Mandarin with the pinyin pronounciation system.