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1/6 in decimal form is 0.16666666666...

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Q: What one sixth in decimal form?
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Related questions

What place is one millionth in decimal form?

The sixth place: 0.000001

What is ten to the negative sixth power in decimal form?

Ten to the negative sixth power in decimal form is 0.000001

Five sixth in decimal form?

0.833333333 is 5/6 in decimal form.

How do you convert eight and one sixth into a decimal?

how do i convert eight and one sixth into a decimal?

Decimal form for one hundred twenty sixth?

1/126 = 0.00794 (approx).

What is 3 minus one sixth?

Fraction: 2 5/6 and in decimal form it is 2.83

What is three and one sixth as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 3 and one sixth is equal to 3.16 recurring (that is, 3.16666..)

What is 12 and four sixth in decimal form?

12.6666 . . .

How do you write a repeating decimal in word form?

An example of a repeating decimal is the fraction 1/6. One sixth equals zero point one six six repeating.

How can we write five and sixth in decimal form?

It is 5.1666... (repeating).

What does one sixth equal as a decimal?


What is 1 sixth in decimal form?

1-sixth in decimal form = 0.01671/6:= 1 ÷ 6= 0.0167 in decimal

What is a decimal between one tenth and one sixth?


what is five sixth of 66?

In Decimal Form is 0.84 Repeat In Divide From Is 28/38I Is This The Answer Right?

What is one sixth in simplest form?

1/6. This is the most accurate and simplest form. You could write it in its decimal form 0.166666666666666666666666666 and so on and so forth, 0r 0.167 to 3 decimal places. However, this is not as accurate and alot longer, so where you can keep it as a fraction.

What is four and one sixth as a decimal?

4.16666 repeating

Convert one-sixth into decimal?

.33333333333 ect.

How is one sixth written as a decimal?

0.16666 repeating

What is one sixth converted into a decimal?

0.16666 repeating

What percent is 1 sixth of 30?

one sixth is 1/6. this as a decimal is .16666666etc. this as a present is 16.66666 %. One sixth of 30 would be approximately 16.66%.

What is one and one sixth as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, 1 1/6 is equal to 1.16 recurring (that is, 1.16666...)

What is one sixth in simple form?

It is: one sixth = 1/6

What is one twenty sixth as a decimal?

If you mean 1/26 as a decimal then it is 0.0'384615' recurring '384615'

How do you write 0.10 in decimal word form?

0.10 in decimal word form is one tenth.

1 sixth as a decimal?

1 sixth as a decimal is 1/6 or 0.166667.