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Addition, subtraction and division, respectively.

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Q: What operation does each symbol represent ( plus - and divide)?
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When a variable is next to each other with no symbol between them what operation is implied?


What do the three stars on a navy coxswain pin represent?

each star represents an operation small boats were operating in. Operation Game Warden Operation Market Time Operation SEALORDS

What do each of beads of each campers necklace symbolize?

The beads each represent one completed year at camp. They are always painted with a symbol that represent a major event from that year.

What did each symbol in the Egyptian writng system represent?

they used clay tablets and pictograms

Which operation is needed to solve 6a equals 36?

Divide each side by 6: a = 6

How are symbols used to represent elements in a periodic table?

Symbols are the short forms to represent elements. Each element will have a unique symbol.

What is the purpose of assigning a symbol to represent each element?

It makes it easier to write out chemical formulas for compounds.

What did each symbol of the Phoenician alphabet represent?

each symbol of the phoenician alphabet represented a consonant.

Does the word each sometimes suggest the operation of division?

If you see the words 'how many' or 'share' that usually means divide.

What is the sign or abbreviation to represent an element?

The sign or abbreviation to represent an element is called an "atomic symbol", and there is a distinct one for each element. Every atomic symbol begins with a capital letter, which may constitute the entire symbol but is usually followed by a lower case letter.

What does each symbol mean in the Phoenician alphabet?

It represents a sound which combines with other symbol-sounds to represent oral words - and effective way of communicating in writing.

Why was the roman symbol x used to represent ten?

The Roman symbol "X" was used to represent ten because it resembles two "V"s (which stood for five each) placed together. This symbol was part of the Roman numeral system, which used various letters to represent different numbers.