What operation is quotient?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What operation is quotient?
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What is the quotient of 3.13133133313333?

A quotient is a binary operation. That means, you can calculate the quotient of two numbers. There cannot be a quotient of only one number.

What math operation is quotient?


What is the quotient of 8?

Only division operations can have a quotient. 8 alone is not a division operation.

How do you write a quotient as an equation when there is no remainder?

You cannot write the quotient itself as an equation, but you can express a division operation and use an equation to express that the result of this operation (the quotient) is a specific value. For example, 16/8 =2.

The operation that gives the quotient of two numbers is?


What is the operation that gives the quotient of two numbers?

division is the answer

What is the quotient of the 20th composite number in fraction form?

The 'division' operation ... the one that produces a 'quotient' ... is an operation that's carried out with two numbers. The twentieth composite number is 30 . With one more number, and your instructions designating which one is the divisor, I'll find the quotient for you.

What is the operation that gives the qoutient of two numbers?

A quotient is when two numbers are divided. For instance 20 ÷ 5 = 4 in this case, the quotient is 4.

How do you turn a quotient into scientific notation?

You can turn a number into scientific notation, but not an operation.

What is the answer called in division problem called?

The result of division operation is called a quotient.

What is it called when you divide a number?

It is called division. A fraction is a shorthand display of the operation, and the end result of it is a quotient.

What is the answer in devision?

Division is a mathematical operation where a number is divided by another number to find out how many times the second number is contained within the first number. The result of a division operation is called the quotient.