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The main four operators are:

Plus (+)

Minus (-)

Multiply (*) or (x)

Divide (/) or (÷)

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Q: What operators perform mathematical calculations such as adding and subtracting?
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What are mathematical instructions that perform calculations?

Formulas are mathematical instructions that perform calculations.

What operators perform mathematical calculations such as adding and subtracting in Excel?

The plus sign does adding and the minus sign does subtraction in Excel: =A10+B2 =A2-50 The * is used for multiplication. The / is used for division: =A2*A3 =A6/40

The mathematical rule that Excel follows to perform calculations is called the?

Order of Operations

Can a graphing calculator perform mathematical calculations like a scientific calculator?

Yes. A graphing calculator has lots of options for mathematical calculations, but in addition, it has a relatively large screen, and options to graph functions.

What about the roman mathematical system made it virtually impossible to perform caculations?

It is almost impossible to do mathematical calculations using Roman numerals.

What is the mathematical rule that Excel follows to perform calculations called?

The rule is "Order of Operations."

Was the first high level programming language designed that could perform complex mathematical calculations?


Was the first high-level programming language designed that could perform complex mathematical calculations?


What is a logic device?

A logic device is a basic type of integrated circuit that is used to perform operations such as mathematical calculations.

Excel uses to determine which mathematical calculations to perform first in a complex formula?

The order of operations, a.k.a PEMDAS

What is the difference to MS PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel?

In Power Point you can create presentation and in Excel perform various mathematical operations and calculations.

Why op amp is called op amp and not just an amplifier?

op amp can perform mathematical operations such as summing,subtracting differentiating,scaling,integrating which an amplifier can't perform. hence op is called as op amp & not just an amplifier. opamps were originally designed to perform mathematical operations in electronic analog computers.

What was ENIAC first used for?

to perform mathematical calculations at a very fast could do 5000 additions and 360 multiplications in just 1 second.

What is neurocognitive decline?

a decrease in cognitive function, meaning a decrease in ability to perform mathematical calculations, to reach to a logical conclusions, inability to recognise what appears to be straight forward, inability to perform in line with the surrounding

What mathematical calculations can you perform with the numeric keypad?

With only a numeric keypad - none. You need at least some basic operations or functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

How did computers function before microprocessors?

They could only perform basic calculations.

How are inertia and momentum related to gymnastics?

The movements of the human body are subject to the same laws of motion as any other object composed of mass. However, gymnasts do not perform mathematical calculations in order to perform their athletic feats; that is done by feel.

What two logical operators perform short circuit evaluation?

In many languages both AND and OR operators perform short-circuit evaluation.

Who invented the abacus and what is it used for?

The abacus was invented by the ancient Chinese people and was used to perform mostly mathematical calculations. In Japan, even to this day, the abacus is still used for simple calculations. Many people consider the abacus the first "computer" or at least the first calculator.

What calculations will autocalculate perform?

All legal Excel calculations.

What is the major difference between a calculator and a computer when performing calculations?

Fundamentally, there is no difference. A computer is just a more complex calculator that can break mathematical functions into algorithmic and logarithmic functions. Calculators are typically restricted to mathematical functions, varying from simple adding/subtracting or as complex as graphical displays such as Graphing Calculators. Some calculators can be programmed for algorithmic and logarithmic tasks, such as simple programs or games. Computers, typically, have a less specific functionality and can execute a wide range of activities. A computer can perform many millions of calculations a second, but a manual calculator is limited by how fast human fingers can move.

What is the difference between calculating device and computing device?

Modern days Computers are more developed form of Calculators. Earlier Calculators were devised for fast Mathematical Calculations.Calculators are devices designed to perform Simple & Scientific calculations whereas Computer (Computing Device) are designed to perform variety of Tasks with high speeds.

What tool do you use to delete record or perform calculations on table in Microsoft Access?

You can use queries to delete records and queries to perform calculations.

What do you understand by operators in BASIC?

Operators are the symbols, which are used to perform different arithmetical and logical operations in BASIC.

What is the relationship between Microsoft Excel and calculations?

The main reason for Excel is to perform calculations.