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1) stress corrosion

2) corrosion fatique

3) fretting corrosion

4) heat treatment

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Q: What or 4 factors that effect corrosion?
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What are causes of corrosion and it effect?

Corrosion of iron is caused by the reaction with water in the presence of oxygen. Effect of corrosion is destruction of structures and objects.

Factors affecting corrosion?

There are various factors that affect corrosion that include the type of metal. Temperature, climate, humidity, and the presence of water affect corrosion.

What are the factors which influence chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion?

describe the various factors influencing the rate of chemical corrcsion

What are 4 factors that determine resistance of an object?

Examples: hardness, resistance to corrosion, to be not flammable, to have good mechanical properties.

What are all the environmental factors causing corrosion?

Corrosion, as in the corrosion of iron into rust, needs two environmental factors: 1. oxygen present in the atmosphere 2. water/moisture present in the the atmosphere

What are the effects of corrosion?

The effect is the destroying of a material.

What are the factors that impact on the rate of corrosion?

Some factors that impact the rate of corrosion are temperature, the material being corroded, and the agent causing the corrosion. Acids are very corrosive and can eat away even the toughest materials in seconds.

How does corrosion affect the society?

Corrosion has a destructive effect on iron and many iron alloys, copper etc.

What the effects of galvanic corrosion?

Galvanic corrosion is when two metals corrode while they are both connected electrically. Electrical voltages can be an effect of galvanic corrosion, as well as dangerous corrosion of the metals.

What is meaning of corrosion?

The action or effect of corrosive agents, or the process of corrosive change; as, the rusting of iron is a variety of corrosion.

What factors slow down corrosion?

factors that slow down corrosion: 1) coating of paint/wax/oil/polish 2)coating of epoxy paint 3)keeping moisture/oxygen away from metals 4)sacrificial protection 5)keep it with drying agennts

What are the factors that affect the corrosion of metal?

climate and size or type of material...

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