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Q: What order is height depth and width listed?
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In what order do you show width height depth in inches?

width, depth and height

What is the standard convention or quoting dimensions For instance if something is listed as 13 x 2 x 11 which are the length height and depth measurements?

height, depth and width

How do you find the height of a rectangular box given the width depth and volume?

height * width * depth = volume height = volume / (depth * width) Volume = lengthXwidthXheight V=LWH H=V/LW

What comes first width by height then depth when measuring a box?

They can come in any order.

What Points have height and width but no depth.?

No, they do not.

What is a 3 d shape?

A 3D shape stands for Three-Dimensional. The three dimensions are Height, Width and Depth. A line just has height, so it is 1D. A polygon has both Height and width so it's 2D. A three dimensional object has all three; Height, Width and Depth.________^Height/Length = 1D-------------------| || | Depth |/ |----------------- |

When measurements are listed as 24 x14 x 19 how can you be sure which is depth and which is width?

You cannot. There is NO agreed order in which the measurements should be listed.

descend is to what as ascend is to height?


How do you find height depth and width?


What has height width and depth?

An edge* * * * *No. An edge is a line, which is a 1 dimensional concept. A solid object (a 3-dimensional object) will have height, width and depth.

What is the space in a rectangle with width of 3ft height 5ft depth 4ft?

If by space you mean volume, it is 60 this is simply the product of the height width and depth or 3x4x5

What are the three dimension of shapes?

Height, width, and depth.