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Q: What other M word did Pythagoras study?
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What other M-word did Pythagoras study and connect with mathematics?


Find the length of an altitude of an equilateral triangle with sides that measure 11.31 m?

9.794747317 m (with the help of Pythagoras' theorem)

How high up the wall will a 7-m ladder touch if the foot of the ladder is placed 2 m from the wall?

About 6.708 m using Pythagoras' theorem

What is the other word for usually?

We can use "OFTEN" as a word other than "USUALLY". Thank you...... Reshma M, TicketGoose.

What is another word for study of rectum beginning with an M?

The field of medicine dealing with the rectum is proctology or colorectal surgery.

What is two word that starts with c and the other with m?

cold milk

What Character trait word starts with M?

A character trait word that starts with m is materialistic. There are probably tons of other words but this one popped into mind.

Were there any other singers in 1980s who had a one word name beginning with M?


What is a math term that starts with an m?

Muliplication (or any other form of the word for that matter)

What has the author M Uyttendaele written?

M Uyttendaele has written: 'Case study'

What is the length of the hypotenuse of a triangle if the length of one side is 6 m and the other side 8 m?

To find the length of the hypotenuse on a triangle, you have to use the Pythogoras Theoram. using the equation a square + b square = c square. you cannot find it without using the pythagoras theoram

What has the author M M Hutchinson written?

M. M. Hutchinson has written: 'Nature study with the under-eights in country schools'

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