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Q: What other symbol is used on the masthead?
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What is masthead?

A masthead is the title of the newspaper like The Herald Sun and The Age.ect. The masthead is the title!!!

Words used in journalism such as masthead?

Some words that are popularly associated with journalism, such as masthead, include attribution, lead, source, and feature. Others are assignment and byline.

What is the plural of masthead?

The plural of masthead is mastheads.

When was Masthead Studios created?

Masthead Studios was created in 2005.

Where you cen get the names of those editor of newspaper?

Newspaper editors are listed on the newspaper masthead. The masthead is typically found on the second page of the section and lists the name of the publisher and other pertinent information.

How do you use masthead in a sentence?

The word "masthead" is a noun. An example of a sentence containing the word would be: As the ship departed, she watched until the masthead slowly faded from her sight.

What is a sentence with the word masthead in it?

When the pirates hung the Captain from the yardarm, it broke free of the masthead.

What symbol or regulatory marker is used to warn of a rock or other submerged hazard?

A diamond is the symbol on a regulatory marker that is used to warn of rocks or other submerged hazards.

Is masthead a compound word?

Yes, masthead is a compound word, as both "mast" and "head" are words.

What do you call the top name on a newspaper?

Masthead (sometimes also called the Banner) - the masthead is the title block or logo identifying the newspaper at the top of the front-page.Sometimes an emblem or a motto is also placed within the masthead. The masthead is often set into a block of black or red print or boxed with a border; the 'Red-tops' (The Sun, The Mirror, The News of the World) are categorised by style and the use of a red background in the masthead.

What term is used for a newspapers front page title?

The answer is masthead! bet you have been doing the mirror crossword!

What is the India symbol for strength?

The Indian symbol for strength is the bear and this is also a common symbol for strength used by other cultures. Another symbol for strength is the hawk.

What country is the news company Masthead located in?

Masthead News is located at 18 Station Road Hubbards, NS BOJ 1TO, Canada. Masthead is a private company that is categorized under Newspaper publishing and printing.

What is the devil worshiper symbol?

The pentagram is the most iconic symbol i can think of, but there are other symbols that could be used.

What is the symbol for Silence?

There are various symbols for silence. In music, a rest is used to show silence while in other areas a mute icon is commonly used as a symbol for silence.

What is the peachtree a symbol of?

The peachtree is a symbol of longevity in the Chinese culture. It also has been used as a symbol for hidden wisdom, the heart and other auspicious items.

Why is the symbol of a heart used as a sign for love?

hearts are used as a symbol of love because you can not live without your heart. When two people are in love one person can not be with out the other, therefore uses the symbol heart.

What state symbol is used to show that sodium chloride is aqueous?

The symbol (aq) is used to denote that sodium chloride (or any other compound) is in aqueous medium.

What symbol on a regulatory marker is used to warn a rock or other underwater hazard?

The symbol on a regulatory marker indicates rocks or other underwater hazard is an Orange Diamond.

What is a graphic symbol for friendship?

A graphic symbol is written symbol that is used to represent speech. A graphic symbol for friendship can be two or more figures with their arms around each other or holding hands.

What is the scientific symbol for the sun?

The symbol for the sun is commonly seen as a complete circle with a dot in the center of the circle. This symbol is used in Astrology, Science, and Alchemy among others. There are other symbols used, but this is the most common one.

What is the meaning of gylph?

It is a symbol used in writing. An example is a hieroglyph which is a symbol used in ancient Egyptian writing (from Greek hiero = sacred glyph = carving). Alternatively today it is used in information technology as an alphabetic or numeric font or other symbol.

What symbol is used to warn of a rock or other water hazards?


What dot or other symbol are used to separate two items?


What does it mean when a chemical symbol is red?

It means that red ink was used. There is no other significance