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Q: What other vehicles have a 5 x 4.50 bolt pattern?
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Will KfX 450 wheels fit on a LTR 450?

yes suzuki, kawi, Honda are the same bolt pattern. Yamaha is the different bolt pattern

Is a 2007 ford f450 dually bolt pattern the same as the 2002 f350 dually bolt pattern?

no. a f350 bolt pattern is not the same to a f-450 bolt pattern because the f350 have 8 lug nuts and the f450 has 10 lug nuts

What is the bolt pattern for Ford F-450 Super Duty pick up?


Will a 2009 crf 450 engine bolt into a 2002 crf450 frame?

problably not .

How much is a ruger bolt action 30-06 worth?

300-450 dollars depending on condition.

What is a new Mossburg bolt action night train 308 single shot worth?

About $450- and it is spelled Mossberg.

Howa Model 1500 Bolt Action Rifle 308 win cal cost used?

100-450 USD

What is the value of a 243 A-bolt Medallion?

The value is between 250-450 dollars,depending on overall condition of your rifle and a good bore.

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How fast is the suzuki ltr 450?

The ltr 450 with stock gearing is 87 mph, much faster than other atv's.

What is the head bolt specs on a 1998 Honda 450 foreman?

22 Ft. lbs on the 4 headbolts. 7 ft. lbs. on the two side bolts

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