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3 + 4 = 7

7 x 2 = 14

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What output is the sum of 2 times the input 3 and 4?
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What is the rule if the input is 6 and the output is 4?

There are infinitely many possible answers: Rule I: Output = 4 (whatever the input, the output is 4). Rule 2: Output = Input - 2 Rule 3: Output = Input/2 + 1 Rule 4: Output = (Input/3)2

What input/output ports are available on this model of television?

There are two input and output ports for Input 1 and 2 and Output 1 and 2.

Does a mechanical advantage value of 2 mean that your input force was 2 times larger than your output force?

No, it means that the output is two times larger than input.

What is the opposite of input?

Output. For example, if you input '2 + 2 =' in a calculator, the 4 that appears is the output.

How many input and output in half adder?

2 input and 1 output

Example of output is?

Input: "3+2" --- Output: "5" Input: "song.mp3" ---- Output: the music you listen to

What is the algorithm of the program to find sum and average of n different numbers?

1. start 2. sum=0 3. input n 3. for i=1 to n do 4. input x 5. sum=sum+x end of for (3) 6. avg=sum/n 7. output sum, avg 8. stop

Full subtractor using 2 half subtractor?

Full subtractor can be implemented using two half subtractors. The sum output of the first half subtractor can be applied to the next half subtractor along with the third input. The final sum output is the sum output of second half adder. The final carry output is obtained by ORing the carrys from both subtractors.

What is the rule for this input - output table 6 in 4 out?

There are an infinite possible answer. Among the simpler ones is: Output = Input - 2

Why is multiplying the Input by 2 is the same as dividing the Output by 2?

It is not. Suppose the function is "add 7".Then an input of 1 gives an output of 1+7 = 8.Double the input to 2 and the output is 2+7 = 9Whereas simply halving the output gives 9/2 = 4.5So the question is based on false premises.

What is the pin diagram of Integrated Chip L293D?

L293D is having 20 pin IC and also 16 pin IC. description of 20 pin is: 1-enable 1 2- input 1 3- output 1 4,5,6,7,14,15,16,17- ground 8- output 2 9- input 2 10,20-vs 11-enable 2 12- input 3 13-output 3 18-output 4 19-input 4 description for 18 pin: 1-enable 1 2- input 1 3- output 1 4,5,12,13- ground 6-output 2 7- input 2 8,18-vs 9-enable 2 10-input 3 11-output 3 14-output 4 15-input 4

Draw a flow chart that will compute and print the sum and average of 3 numbers?

1.Start 2. Input a,b,c 3. Sum = a+b+c 4. Average = sum/3 5. Output - Sum,Average 6. Stop

What is two types of hardware?

1.Input [ex. = keyboard , mouse , etc. ] 2.output [ex. = display ]

Is if the output of the systemis 0 for 0 input it means the system is linear?

Not necessarily. A single pair is not enough. For example Output = (Input)2 is certainly not linear but input 0 will give output 0.

How could you produce 3 input AND gate if you have only 2 input AND gate available?

output is feedback in input

How could you produce 3 input OR gate if you have only 2 input OR gate available?

To produce a 3-input OR gate when only 2-input OR gates are available: Use 3 OR gates Inputs to Gate A are input 1 and input 2 Input to Gate B is input 3 (if 2 inputs are necessary, include input 3 and FALSE) Inputs to Gate C are outputs from Gate 1 and Gate 2 === If input 1 OR 2 is TRUE, output of Gate A will be TRUE. If input 3 is TRUE, output of Gate B will be TRUE. If output of Gate A OR Gate B is TRUE, output from Gate C will be TRUE. That is if one ore more of Inputs 1, 2 or 3 is TRUE, the result will be TRUE. Otherwise, output of Gate C will be FALSE.

What are the 2 main operations done by a computer?

Input and Output

What is input output and error in Linux?

0 1 2

What output or input device is used for producing architectural drawings such as building plans?


How do you make an input output table?

You draw a rectangle and then you divide it into to 2 equal parts (split it down the middle). After you do that you label the input side x and the output side y. And now you got an input output chart.

What is the rule if the input is 2 and the output is 8?

There are infinitely many possible answers. Some examples:Output = 8 (whatever the input): this is the SIMPLEST rule.Output = (Input)3Output = (Input + 1)2 - 1Output = Input*4Output = Input + 6Output = 2*(Input + 2)

What is the math definition for input output tables?

A table in which you put in a number and out comes another number. Usually more than one groups of numbers. And almost ALWAYS follows a rule such as: Input x3=Output or Input -23= Output Input | Output 2 | 4 10 | 20 16 | 32 In this table you can see that the rule is Input x2 = Output Hope This helped!

Six output device in a PC?

1. Monitor or Display Screen 2. Printer 3. Scanner 4. Projector 5. CD(both input output) 6. Pendrive(both input output) 1. Monitor or Display Screen 2. Printer 3. Scanner 4. Projector 5. CD(both input output) 6. Pendrive(both input output)

What are different input and output devices of a CAD system?

Input devices : 1). Keyboard 2). Mouse 3). light pen Output devices: 1). Plotter 2). Screen

How do you do in and out in math?

Assuming by in you mean input and out you mean output. Input is the value that goes in while the output is the value you receive. Between these terms is a rule, called the nth term that will always work to help you find the input/output. For example. Our input is 2, and our output is 10 the rule here could be the input multiplied by 5 equals the output, or it can be something extremely difficult and unfathomable even to a banker...