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complete circle = 360 degrees, so 45 degrees = 45 / 360 = 0.125 or one eighth

or 12.5 %

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Q: What part of a computer revolution is an angle 45 degree?
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What part of a complete revolution is an angle of 45 degrees?


What part of a right angle is an angular degree?


How do you round to the nearest degree?

-- If the fractional part of the angle is less than 1/2 degree, just throw away the fraction and forget about it. -- If the fractional part of the angle is 1/2 degree or more, add one to the degrees and throw away the fraction.

How do you find the side of a triangle?

To find the degree of angle of a side of a triangle, a protractor is needed to measure the angle. Place the '0' on the protractor on the point of the angle and look at the top part to determine degree of angle. To measure the length of a triangle side, a simple ruler can be used to measure the length.

I have a radius of 120mm. I want to divide 90degrees into 5 parts. What size and angle does each part have to be?

If you want to divide a 90-degree angle into 5 equal parts, each part will have an angle of 590​=18 degrees. The size of each part can be calculated using the formula for the length of an arc of a circle, which is l=r×θ where: l.

A diver shines light up to the surface of a smooth pond at a 10 degree angle some light passes into the air above and the part that reflects back into the water makes an angle of how many degrees?


Does computer programming have its own degree or do you need to major in computer science?

There are Associated Degree (U.S.A.) and Professional Certification available for Computer programming. But you don't need to have one to be a programmer, and have any of those (AA degree or certification) does not mean that you can or should program, either!!Computer Science major is NOT the only way to learn computer programming. There should be courses available for non-computer science majors.

What difference between bscit and bca?

= Is their any difference between computer science and BCA?" =

What part are rays of the angle?

They are the sides of an angle.

Is the vertex of an angle in its exterior?

It is in the angle itself because in an angle there is the interior (part) the inside of the angle and the exterior (part) outside the angle and the angle itself so the vertex is in the angle it self it is neither exterior or interior

How do you convert j equations to phase angle equation?

The phase angle is the angle that has a tangent of (imaginary part)/(real part).

What part of speech is angle?

Angle is a verb and a noun.