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The KEY or LEGEND tells the viewer what the lines represent.

The labels along the axes usually tell the viewer what the units are, but the title of the graph can be used to tell the viewer the units as well or instead.

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The title (apex)

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The horizontal axis units

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Q: What part of a graph tells the viewer what units the colored lines are measuring?
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How could you plot than one responding variable on a line graph?

Plot different kinds of lines like a dotted or colored line.

Starting line for measuring lines of latitude?

The equator is the starting line for measuring lines of latitude

What does a line graph have?


What is a graph that is made up of pieces of straight lines?

A line graph.

A line graph is a graph that uses?

A graph is used for graphing lines and points. A graph consist of rows columns and units.

What is a graph with lines connected to data points called?

either a scatter graph or a line graph xx :)

Where do you graph on inqualities?

on number lines.

What is a graph made up of connected lines or curves?

Its called a line graph

What does organisational chart mean?


Why are the points of a bar graph not connected?

Because their is no lines on the graph to connect the point.

How could you plot more than one dependent variable on a line graph?

you could use different line styles (a solid or dotted line) or you can use different colored lines.

What are coplanear lines?

Coplanar lines are 2 or more lines located on the same plane. Ex.: If you draw 2 or more lines on a graph, they are all coplanar (the plane they are all on is the piece of paper you drew the graph on).

What is an outlier on a graph?

A point on a graph that is not on the line or set of lines on a coordinate plane.

What is the y axis and the x axis on a graph?

y is the north and south lines in a graph and x is the east and west in the graph.

What is another word for graph lines?


What does a straight line on a line graph mean?

Linear equations are those having no exponents; they produce straight lines when you graph them. Once you have exponents, you get curved lines.

What are two lines on a graph that intersect to form a right angle?

Mutually perpendicular lines.

What is the difference between a picture graph and a bar graph?

a picture graph uses pictures to show the point and bar graph use bar lines to show the point.

What is it called when two lines on a graph do not intercept?


What kind of information does a graph show?

pictures of lines

What 2 lines make a graph?

x and y

What is it called where graph lines meet?

A point of intersection.

Why is it important to use multiple lines in a line graph?

It's important to use multiple lines in a line graph so that you can identify each categories without confusion.

What is the definition of line graph?

is a graph;that is used to jock down data.(uses dots and connects lines to it)

What is the definition of a double line graph?

a graph that uses two lines connected by points to show value

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