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Q: What part of a trapezoid equals half the sum of the bases?
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Is a square bigger or trapezoid?

In general, a trapezoid is bigger. This is because you can look at a trapezoid as a square with two half-triangles attached to the end. While a square, only has a square part. With this said however, make sure you check the side lengths to make sure they are comparable.

One half grain equals how many mg?

A grain is a unit of measurement in medicine. A one half grain equals 30 mgs as part of the apothecaries system

Can a square be part of a trapezoid?


Is a trapezoids volume the same as the base area?

No, the formula for a trapezoid's area is (base1 +base2)x height divided by 2, so the bases are only part of the total area.

What part a mile is 160 rod?

160 rods equals 0.5 (half) of a mile.

What is a trapezoid without parallel lines?

That depends what part of the world you come from because in the States it is a trapezium but in England it is a trapezoid

Are the diagonals of a trapezoid equal?

Not for all trap. Only for an isosceles trapezoid. Well, for an Isosceles trapezoid, it could be any of the two diagonals! In order to have an isosceles trapezoid with the diagonals equal, the isosceles part MUST be precise and specific.

What part of a trapezoid is a triangle?

Both sides of one of its diagonals

What fractional part is one half of one fourth?

one eighth cause if you multiply the denomiators 4X2 equals eight.

What is the purpose of white half moons on the bases of your fingernails and toenails and why don't they grow out with nails?

Nothing it is where a part of the nail has become detatched from the finger.

What is the part of a trapezoid that the segment joins the midpoints of the nonparallel opposite sides?


What decimal part of a whole is one half plus one-fourth plus one tenth?

That equals 0.85 of a whole, 0.50 + 0.25 + 0.10.