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About 1/3 of an acre.

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Q: What part of an acre is 14520 square feet?
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Related questions

What part of an acre is 14520 sq ft?

It is 1/3 of an acre.

How many feet in a half acre?

There are no feet in an acre or in any part of it, but there are square feet."Foot" is a unit of length or distance. "Acre" is a unit of area.1 acre = 43,560 square feet1/2 acre = 21,780 square feet

What part of an acre is 6500 square feet?

Answer: 6500 ft² = 0.149219 acre

What part of an acre is 110' bye 110'?

1 acre = 43,560 square feet110' x 110' = 12,100 square feet = 0.278 acre (rounded)

What part of an acre is 17500 feet?

About 2/5 of an acre.

What part of an acre is 444 square yards?

About 9.2% of one acre.

9871 square feet what part of an acre?

1 acre = 4840 sq yd = 9 x 4840 = 43560 sq ft. 9871 sq ft is thus 9871/43560 = 0.2266 acre (4 sf)

What part of an acre would 250 feet by 270 feet be?

It would be more than a whole acre. Actually, 1.5496 acres (rounded)

What part of a square yard is 3 square feet?

There are 9 square feet in a square yard so 3 square feet would be one third.

What does one acre measure or represent?

One acre is a measure of area which is equal to 4840 sq yd or 1/640 square mile. It does not matter what shape it has. Historically an acre was the amount of land a set of oxen could plough in 1 day. A rectangular piece of land 220 yards (or 1 furlong) long by 22 yards (or 1 chain) wide has an area of 1 acre.

How many meters long is an acre?

Meters are SI units of length, while acres are part of the English system of area, so there's no single answer. However, an acre was determined to be 4 rods by a furlong, which is 66 feet by 660 feet. There are 3.28 feet in a meter, so an acre could be 20.122 meters wide by 201.22 meters long.

What part of 43 560 square feet is 450 square feet?

Approximately 1 percent.

What part of an acre is 8316sqfeet?

About 20% of an acre.

What part of speech is acre?

Acre is a noun.

What part of an acre is 120' x 130'?

0.35 of an acre

What part of an acre is 100ft by 150ft?

Pretty close to a third of an acre. The actual number is .344 of an acre.

How do you turn square feet into a perimeter?

Since square feet is a measure of area and perimeter is measured in length, you can't, without knowing at least part of the perimeter or the shape involved.

Convert 3 feet into square feet?

There's a bit of guesswork to be done on my part here because you're going from one dimension to two dimensions, and you can't actually do a conversion unless you know what the length of the second dimension is. Potentially relevant examples: 1) If you have something that is 3 feet long and 2 feet wide, it's square footage is 3x2 = 6 square feet. 2)If you want to convert from square feet to square yards, it's a bit trickier. 1 square yard = 1 yard x 1 yard = 3 feet x 3 feet = 9 square feet. In the case of example 1, 6 square feet = 2/3 square yard, which can be calculated by converting feet to yards and then multiplying to find square yardage: 3 feet x 2 feet = 1 yard x 2/3 yard = 2/3 square yard.

Is 350 sq feet enough for 6 chickens?

you only need about 3-4 square feet per chicken indoors, and about 10 square feet per chicken outdoors, so if the indoors part is 350 square feet, that's easily enough for about 85-115 chickens! I think you're good.

0.880 is what part of an acre?

0.880 is 88% of an acre = 38,332.8 sq ft

How much room do you need for 1horse?

The amount of space you need will vary according to several factors; size of the horse, local zoning laws, and how your property is set up.1. Pasture only; If you keep your horse on pasture only you'll likely need 2 acres divided into two 1 acre paddocks so that they can be rotated. If you have miniature horses then 1 acre should be plenty.2. Stabled partially; If you'll keep the horse in a stable for part of the day or night, then you can get away with about 1 acre of pasture so long as it's allowed to rest and is properly maintained. You can also provide a run/ pen off of the stall to allow the horse to go in and out.3. Drylot; If the horse cannot have grass for medical reasons, but you still want to turn the horse out, then a drylot of at least 40 feet by 100 feet is recommended. 40 feet is as narrow as it should get as this allows the horse to get into a gallop and turn at speed. 400 square feet is the minimum square feet per horse, so if you have multiple horses in one drylot you'll need 400 square feet per horse.

A floor plan is 576 square feet. There is a cafe that takes up part of the corner. How do I find the area of the cafe in square feet?

Multiply the length by the width. Too little information to do that here.

How many packs of laminate to cover a 15ftx12ft floor?

It depends on how many square feet of laminate are in each package. Your floor is 15 x 12 = 180 square feet. The box of laminate will list on the label how many square feet are in each box. Divide your square feet (180) by the square feet in the box (?), and you will have your answer. Be sure to add about 7-10% for waste, and keep an extra box in storage to use if you ever damage part of the floor later.

How was the light house of Alexandria built?

The Lighthouse of Alexandria was built with three parts. the lower part was square and was 183.4 feet high. the middle part was an octagon shape and was 90 feet high.

What is 962 sq meters as part of an acre?

It is just slightly less than 1/4 of an acre.