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Q: What pennies have more metal in them?
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Are all pennies made of the same metal?

Well depending if your talking about all the different country's pennies, then Im not sure. But I do know that the pennies made in Canada and the states are. The main metal in these pennies are copper, and copper is worth more then what the penny is worth, so sometime in the near future they will atop making pennies.

Why do the new pennies have less mass than the old pennies?

The newer pennies have a different proportion of metal

How do you get pennies back to new?

You can use a metal polish to get pennies back to looking new.

When you adjust for inflation what is the worth more 1908 pennies 1960 pennies 1990 pennies 2006 pennies 2007 pennies or any penny melted down and sold as scrap metal?

Based on melt value alone, any Lincoln cents minted before 1982 are worth about 2 cents each for their copper content.

What metal was used for George fifth pennies?


Can you fit more pennies or nickels in a 2 liter bottle?

Pennies. They are smaller.

What is pipes and wires made of and pennies?

The metal copper- however, US pennies are now copper plated zinc.

What are 2004 pennies made of?

Pennies produced in 2004 were made from copper-plated zinc. Pennies with 95% copper metal have not been produced since 1982.

Are copper pennies valuable?

For metal content, or melt value, copper pennies (pre-1982) are worth about 2 cents each. As far as collector value, that depends more on specific dates, mint marks, and condition.

Metal in pennies?

Since 1982, pennies have been 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. Before that, they were 95% copper and 5% zinc.

Which is denser a cup of feathers or a cup of pennies?

Its pennies why because the pennies are more denser because it has more paritcles and the feathers are lighter.

What metal were pennies made from after 1983?

97.5% zinc, 2.5% copper.