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What percent is 0.002cm of 4cm?

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.002 / 4 = .0005 = .05%

2011-12-29 08:34:43
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4cm is a unit of length, so 4cm is 4cm long... but if you were asking how long 4cm is in inches, 4cm = about 1.5748031 inches

Is it possible that a square can have the same perimeter and area?

Yes (apart from units):If the side of a square is 4cm then itsperimeter is 4cm + 4cm + 4cm + 4cm = 4 x 4cm = 16cm;area is 4cm x 4cm = 16cm2

What is bigger 4cm or 500mm?

4cm is 400mm so 500mm is larger

What is a 4cm by 4cm by 4cm triangle called?

It is an equilateral triangle

What is the surface area of a cube with 4cm by 4cm by 4cm?

96 sq. cm

How Width of your wrist 4cm or 14cm?


What is the density of 4cm x 4cm x 4cm?

The density is (its mass)/64 grams/cm3

Is 4cm bigger than 4in?

What is the unit of 4cm x 4cm x 4cm?

It would be 64 cm3. So the unit is cm3

How many kilometers equals 4cm?

4cm = 0.00004km

How many micrometers are there in 4cm?

there are 40,000 micrometers in 4cm

4cm 10cm 3cm?


A cube has a volume of 64 cubic centimeterswhat are the cube's dimensions?

Length=4cm width=4cm height=4cm

What is a volume of a cube of side 4cm?

The formula for the volume of a cube is height x width x length, therefore V = 4cm x 4cm x 4cm V = 64cm3

What type of triangle has sides 3cm 4cm 4cm?

An isosceles triangle.

What is the length of sides on a polygon are 2cm 3cm 4cm 4cm and 5cm?

# #

What is the volume of 4cm 4cm and 3.2?

3.2 what? cm? metres? kilometres?

What tipe of triangle has sides 4cm 5cm and 4cm?

An isosceles triangle.

What is the Width of small intestine?

2.5 to 4cm wide 2.5 to 4cm wide

How many cm are in 4cm?

Exactly 4 no more and no less but there are 40mm in 4cm

Which is greater 4cm or 45 mm?

45mm because 1 cm= 10mm so 40mm= 4cm and there's 45mm there which= 4,5cm.... :)

What distance is 20 cm on a map with a scale of 4cm to 12 km?

Well, if 4cm is 12 km, and there are five 4cm in 20cm, 12*5=60, so:There are 60km in a distance of 20cm on a map with a scale of 4cm to 12km.

What is the volume of a cube 4cm x 4cm x 4cm?

The volume of a cube equals its side length cubed. In this case it is 4cm3 which gives a volume of 64cm3

What is the area of a 4 by 4 square?

if you mean 4cm by 4cm square, then the area is 16cm2

The area of a square of length 4cm?

A square with a side length of 4cm has an area of 16cm2