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Q: What percent of ''things'' do you produce are still in use after 6 months?
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What percent of stuff we buy is still in use six months later?

in the US only 1% of stuff is still in use after 6 months

What percent of people are still taking Taewondo after 6 months?

You need to be more specific and provide details about which region or institute are you talking about when you say people who are still taking Taekwondo after 6 months.

Is it normal to have a Brooding mare to stop producing milk when the foal is only a couple months old and does that mean she is pregnant?

Depends, how many months. If its been six months its okay because its time to wean the foal. If its only two months then you might want to call your vet. They have a shot that makes them produce milk, it just depends on how old the foal is. And no it doesn't mean she is pregnant, she can still produce milk if she is pregnant and has a foal.

If you are a member in Fantage and you paid for 6 months after the 6 months do you still be able to keep your membership things like clothes ect?

yes u get to keep all ur stuff

How can you tell if a gelded horse is still fertile?

If you wait long enough, every gelding will lose the ability to produce offspring after a few months. A test called a Semen Evaluation can be done to see if he is still fertile.

How much range of motion should you have after two months of knee replacement?

I had my knee replaced in August and had pretty much 98 percent full motion within 2 months. Although..... if I'm stuck in the office for a week or two without any continued PT type exercise, things tighten back up. A bike ride works best for me to stretch things back out, although negative extension still seems to be my biggest hurdle.

Can you still produce if you have 1 testicle?

You can produce, and you can reproduce.

Why would you have sore breasts and produce milk if you had your tubes clamped 6 months ago?

milk production is homorne based. You could have your reproductive organs removed and still be able to lactate.

How long should you give a guy if you have been going out for two months and he says he needs time to figure things out but he still wants to see you?

no time

What if your child is gone for a few months but still lives with you dos the other parent still have to pay child saport?

Yes. Any changes in the child support have to be done with the court where it was issued and for a few months it would be very complicated. Child support goes to so many different things that a couple of months would not make much of a difference.

What should you do you bought 2 cars 7 months ago and they still havent been transfered?

Contact the dealer - tell him to produce the proper documents or you will report him to law enforcement and the DMV. If he doesn't - do it.

What is 5 percent rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent?

Still 5%