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12000 per year is 20 percent of 60000

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Q: What percent of 60000 would equal 1000 dollars per month?
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What percent of their gross income do the kendricks receive from their rent house if they receive 60000 a month in rent and earn 2345.00 a month?

Total Income = 60000 Rental Income = 2345 % income from rent = 2345 / 60000 * 100 = 3.9% Kendricks receive 3.9% of his gross income through rent.

What is the minimum wage in Bolivia?

B$647 Bolivian dollars a month, which is equal to just about $92 US dollars a month

How much a month is 60000 a year?

$5000.00 a month - taxes.

How much does doctors earn per month?


How do you calculate 2 percent interest per month on overdue accounts?

1500 dollars

What percent of sandys budget is allotted for gifts if she spends 50 dollars a month and earns 2235 per month?


How much interest do you get from a bank each month if you have 150000 dollars in it at 9 percent interest?

9% of 150000 dollars = 150000*9/100 = 13500 dollars 13500 dollars per year = 13500/12 = 1125 dollars per month.

What is 10 million dollars For 2 years equal to per month?

Divide it by 24

Six hundred dollars is borrowed at an interest rate of 1.4 percent per month Find the interest for a 30-month period?


What is 20 percent of 1000 dollars per month after one year?

who wants to have sex with a kid. but the answer is 200.

If i make 1200 dollars a month and spen 350 on electric what percent is it?

You are spending 29.17% of your income for electric.

How many vehicles are checked per month on a petrol pump?


How can you make 10000 dollars a month?

how to get 10000 dollars a month

What is3 percent percent of 6.5 million dollars per month?

67010.309. to get the answer you just divide 6.5 million by 100 minus the percentage(3).

What is the average salary in Guyana?

The average salary is 50000-60000 per month

How much is 15 percent in money?

This is a very broad answer... Depending on how much money. If you have to pay 15% of 100 dollars every month, you multiply 100*.15 = 15$ So $15 is 15 percent of 100 dollars.

What investment is necessary for a yield of 500 dollars per month at 6 percent interest?

6% of $100,000 yields $6,000/yr, or $500/mnth

How much is 15 dollars per month?

Its 15 dollars per month :)

How much is 50000 dollars a year to dollars per month?

About $4,166.67 a month, before taxes.

What is the interest for a 30-month period on six hundred dollars borrowed at the interest rate of 1.4 percent per month?


How much a year does the President of Vietnam make?

The President of Vietnam makes a salary equal to $240.00 US dollars per month.

If you invest fifty dollars per month at an interest rate of 9 percent for forty years how much money will you have after forty years?


Does a penny doubled everyday for a month equal 5million dollars?

Five million three hundred sixty eight thousand seven hundred and nine dollars and twelve cents. 5,368,709.12

Bill earns m dollars per month and angelo earns n dollars per month how many dollars do both men earn in 1 year?

The total earnings of Bill and Angelo per year in dollars is equal to 12m plus 12n. Alternately, it can be written out as 12 times the sum of m plus n.

300 dollars a month plus 2.5 percent commission What is her gross pay if she selss 4290.00 dollars?

On sales of $4290 the person earns commission of 2.5% = 4290 x 2.5/100 = $107.25 Total gross pay for the month = 300 + 107.25 = $407.25