What percent of air is 0.00015?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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0.00015 = 0.015 percent

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Q: What percent of air is 0.00015?
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How would your write .000015 in word form?

Fifteen millionths

How many m are in 0.015 mm?

since 1000 mm =1 m, then .015 mm = .015/1000 = .000015 m

15 nm convert into km?

I doubt this has any use... but here goes... Divide by 1000000000000. So 15 / 1000000000000 = 0.00000000015 kilometers.

If Nitrogen is 78 percent of air then how many percent of o2 in the air?


What is air made out of?

air is made of 19.98 percent oxygen 79 percent nitrogen and 2 percent carbon

What percent apple is air?

20 Percent.

What is the percent of oxygen in dry air?

The percent of oxygen in dry air is approximately 21%.

What is the percentage composition of nitrogen in the air?

78 percent Air is mostly gas The air in Earth's atmosphere is made up of approximately 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen.

Where is 75 percent of the air located in what layer?

Troposphere is name of the layer. It contains 75 percent of the air.

What is 0.07 percent of the air?

A tiny amount of air.

How many percent air and water is soil?

it is 23 percent

What fraction equals 0.15?

15/100. 1.5/1000 .15/10000 .015/100000 .0015/1000000 .00015/10000000 .000015/100000000 .0000015/1000000000 Yeahhh.