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95% 95% 95%

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Q: What percent of people litter?
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What percent of people litter in new zealand?

the percent is 95 percent of the people from nz litters

How much percent of people litter?

There are a lot of people who litter. The percent of people who litter is 90% of Americans. Source:

What percent of people pick up others litter?

About 50% of people pick up trash in the world

What percent of daily litter is cigarettes?


What do you call people who litter?

Litter bugs Litter Bugs

What number of people litter?

About 500 or 600 people litter

What sort of people litter?

i think that lazy dumb people litter.

What is the thing people litter the most?

people litter cigarettes most

Do people litter in California?

Yes. People litter in all states

By using reusable stuff what percent of litter does it take away?


What percent of cat urine is absorbed by cat litter?

Only around 67% of cat urine is absorbed by the average cat litter.

Why do people litter in the oceans?

People might litter in the oceans because there is not bins to throw the trash away.

The presence of litter leads people to litter more true or false?

It is most definetly true because when people see litter, it makes them think it is ok to.

Why don't people litter outside?

It isn't that people don't litter outside. It is that they are not supposed to litter outside. Many communities have regulations against littering because it affects other people's properties and someone has to clean up after those who litter. Litter is unsightly and can create safety and health hazards.

Does litter harm people?

litter can harm people by the foul scent, the methane trapped inside can be deadly to animals, or people who are exposed for to long.yes litter can harm people and animals because the litter can get in the drinking water. say meth or toxic poisons got into them you could die

What percentage of people litter?


can people eat cat litter?


How many people litter?

the estimate is almost 10 million people they are mostly teenagers tip: never litter or else

How many people drop there litter in antarctica?

People who live and work in Antarctica are generally conscientious about not littering. Random litter is also picked up by random humans who find such litter.

How does litter affect people's health?

Litter can attract rats which carry diseases that can spread to us.

Why do people still litter?

People still litter because they think its cool. If only they knew the damage they were doing to our beautiful planet...

How many people litter a year?

Over 1,000,000 people litter in a year. That counts me because I littered 2,000,000,000,000,000 times a millosecond

Is there difference between litter and pollution?

no but most people think that pollution is in the water and litter is on the ground but pollution is just another word for litter and litter is just another word for pollution.

What are the causes of pollution in lakes?

The people who litter

What do people do to affect the environment in the Himalayas?