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what percent of schools allow class pets in the U.S.

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Q: What percent of schools have class pets?
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How many classes in the US have class pets?

There is no way to know how many class pets there are. Many schools will only allow fish or reptiles because of allergy problems.

Do all schools have class room pets?

no at All Saints School for example half of the class rooms do not have pets like ms. Witte's classroom Meghan O.

What percent of schools allow students to chew gum in class?

there can be alot schools and maybe 50% out of 100,00 can chew gum.

What percent of students are late to class because of dropping books?

it is hard to tell due to lack of cameras in schools

How many percent of people have pets?

What do you mean? people are pets..... of aliens

What percent of people keep dogs as pets?

about 60 percent

Did first class passengers have pets?

1st class did

How many pets on board the titanic 3rd class?

Only first class passengers were able to bring pets

Are class pets good for science?

Class pets are good for science. You can look at the cage and see what it eats and how it survives.

Should schools be allowed to keep pets or not?

Well this depends on if there is any children who have allergies or not. If there is no children with allergies yes i think there should be pets allowed in schools.

When was SR V Schools class created?

SR V Schools class was created in 1930.

What percent of the world have pets?


What percent of middle schools across the country have middle schools?

100% of middle schools will have middle schools as middle schools are middle schools.

Should people have class pets?

People should have class pets. They should so they can be happy, have responsibility, and it's good for learning. I had a class pet in 4th grade but it died.

What percent of Japanese people have pets?

About 40%

What percent of schools require uniforms?

When it comes to uniforms for public school students in the United States, some cities have a number of schools that require attendees to wear one. Uniforms in Public SchoolsCityPercentage of Schools Requiring Uniforms New Orleans 95 percent Cleveland 85 percent Chicago 80 percent Boston 65 percent Miami 60 percent Cincinnati 50 percent

What percent of schools have uniforms?


Percent of Schools with uniforms?

what percentage of the united states schools want uniforms

What percent of schools use student id cards?

1% of all schools

In a class of 30 students there are 12 men what percent of the class is women?

60 percent are women

What is different between secondary and high school?

High schools are those where classes from class (viii) to class (x) are introduced but in secondary schools the class (xi) and class (xii) are also included.

Should classes have class pets?

Yes if they would like the class to have responsibility's.

When will the pets on AQworlds attack?

Certain pets (battle pets) can now attack in AQW as long as you equip a battle class, such as Necromancer.

What percentage of classes have class pets?


What are the different cultures in schools?

Different cultures in schools according to classes like 9th class are juniors and 10 class is senior's.