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Q: What percent of students with autism do not develop functional speech?
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What does the acronym ANI stand for?

The acronym, ANI, stands for many different things. ANI, can stand for Automatic Number Identification, Autism Network International or Am Not Interested.

In the acronym ASA what do the letters stand for?

Many answers are possible... american sailing association amercian society of anesthesiologists american supply association amateur softball association of america american sociological association american statistical association autism society of america american society of appraisers ASA can also be used as a shorthand for aspirin.

Why was the old term idiot savant actually misleading?

It is a misleading term due to the fact that the so called "idiot" part of the syndrome came about because of the poor social adjustment of these individuals (as a result of what is now perceived as an autism spectrum disorder). The "savant" part of the syndrome was so designated, due to the fact that very specific and in-depth knowledge in a narrow area of study occurred. For example, some individuals could be given any year, month and date, and rapidly calculate (in their heads) what day of the week this would have fallen on.

How do you do aba therapy?

In order for an autistic child to fulfill his/her highest potential through ABA therapy there are careful steps that need to be taken. In an article in the International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy, called Beyond Autism Treatment: The Application of Applied Behavior Analysis in the Treatment of Emotional and Psychological Disorders, Robert K. Ross talks about these steps in depth. Ross speaks about different emotional and psychological disorders and how ABA therapy can help. One main part of this article is when Ross talks about the first steps of ABA therapy:First and foremost behavior analysts need to start with willingness to tolerate the use of common (but imprecise) language by non-behavior analysts. Behavior Analysts to take the time to develop measurable definitions in conjunction with non-behavior analysts and to get agreement from them that is what they mean by these terms. If we are going to operate in the field, we need to work effectively with those in the field. Doing so will require us to apply our principles in our interactions with other professionals. We will need to shape the behavior of others slowly and with reinforcement for any gains observed so that we can work from a common and mutually acceptable framework.Much More information is available at

What happens when you take your own life?

Hey. I know you are wondering what happens if you kill yourself so I will answer that. What happens is that you miss out on what the future holds for you and you cause pain to those who love you. You may think nobody loves you but I do. I saw some yahoo questions and one person made a huge mistake and asked why they should go on while another said their mother was depressed. Listen to me, we are only human. We all go through hard times. I was diagnosed with autism and if that wasn't hard enough I also got bullied for a while and it was not a fun time. I hated having aspergers for a long time because I felt like I could not fit in but then I saw the ups of having aspergers and I have learned to accept it. You need to accept your life because you will face a lot of hard times but it is worth to continue living because you might reach the light like what happened to me. Now I am a very successful person who helps care for other children and I am happy about it.

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What percent of autistic children are born with autism and what percent develop it later?

I can safely say that 100% of autistic children are born autistic. Autism is a neurological difference so comes about in the womb during the second trimester of pregnancy and is largely considered to come down to genetic factors. All autistic people are born autistic, you cannot develop autism.

How does a teenager develop Autism?

A teenager doesn't develop autism - a person is autistic from birth.

How long does it take for someone to develop Autism and why?

A person does not 'develop' autism - a person is born autistic.

When was Burger School for Students with Autism created?

Burger School for Students with Autism was created in 1973.

How long does it take for a teenager to develop Autism and why?

Autism is a neurological difference, thus a person is born autistic - a teenager cannot develop autism, they were either born autistic or not.

Can autism develop in a child of 7?

No, Autism cannot develop in a child of 7 or in anyone. Autism is a difference in how the brain is formed, it develops during the second trimester and as such Autistic people are born - a person cannot be born neurotypical and develop Autism, it doesn't work like that.

Can a person develop autism at the age of 14 from something traumatic?

No. Autism is either developed at birth, or you develop it in your first living months.

How long does it take to developed Autism and why?

A person does not develop autism. Autism is a neurological difference, as such it starts within the womb during the second trimester when the brain is being formed.

How long does it take for a person to develop Autism and why?

A person does not develop autism, autism is not something that occurs to neurotypical people, in the same way that a white person doesn't develop into another race. A person is born autistic, their brains form in the womb.

How long does it take to develope Autism?

A person does not 'develop' autism - a person is born autistic.

Can adults develop autism?

Some adults might not be diagnosed as having autism until they are adults. Autism is generally believed to have a genetic component, which means a person is born with it. If a person has a mild case of autism or was misdiagnosed, it might not be correctly diagnosed until adulthood.

What percent of people have autism?

About 1 in 150