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1 quarter is 1 quarter of a dollar so as a fraction it is 1/4

→ it is 1/4 of 100% = 25 %.

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Q: What percent of the dollar is 1 quarter?
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Related questions

What is .25 percent of in a dollar?

It is a quarter of 1 cent.

A quarter is what percent of dollar?

A quarter is 25% of a Dollar.

What is a quarter percent of a dollar?

A quarter is 25% of a Dollar.

What does 1 quarter equal?

One quarter of something is 1/4th of the total, or 25 percent. For currency, a quarter is worth 1/4th of a dollar (25 cents).

What percent of 1 dollar is 1 quarter?

25%, for it is out of a hundred and goes by 25 to get to 100.

A quarter is what percent of 1.00?

A quarter is 25% of a dollar

25 convert to a percent?

times.25 by 100. It's 25 percent because its like 1 quarter out of a dollar.

What percent of a dollar are a penny nickel dime and quarter?

1%, 5%, 10%, 25% respectively.

What percent of one dollar is a quarter?


A Quarter is what percent of one dollar?


How are factions useed with a dollar penny nickel dime and quarter?

A penny is 1/5 of a nickel, 1/10 of a dime, 1/25 of a quarter and 1/100 of a dollar. A nickel is 1/2 of a dime, 1/5 of a quarter and 1/20 of a dollar. A dime is 2/5 of a quarter and 1/10 of a dollar. A quarter is 1/4 of a dollar.

What fraction is a dollar to one quarter?

A dollar to one quarter is 4:1, or 4/1.

Is a quarter dollar just a regular dollar?

No, a quarter is a different coin, and its value is only a quarter (1/4) of a regular dollar.

What percent of one US dollar is 25-?

one quarter

What percent of U.S dollar is .25?

25 per cent one quarter 1/4

What is 30 percent added to 1 dollar?


What percent of a 1 dollar is 1 nickel?

A nickel is 5 percent of a dollar.

How many quarter dollar is 1 dollar?


Why was the quarter oringinally called a quarter?

its 1/4 of a dollar

How much is 1 US dollar to philippine peso today?

Quarter dollar 1993

What fraction of a dollar is 3 quarters?

A quarter is called a quarter because it is a quarter, or 1/4, of a dollar. So three quarters make up 3/4 of a dollar!

Why is a coin that is worth 25 cents called a quarter?

"Quarter" means 1/4 (one-fourth). 25 cents is 1/4 a dollar, so it's a "quarter dollar", or just "quarter" for short.

What decimal of 1 dollar is 1 quarter?

A quarter is .25 of a dollar. 0.25 <<< decimal equivlant of a quarter 25% 1/4th

How many quarter in 1 dollar?

4. Hence the name quarter

What 3 coins make 80 cents?

In the US, 1 half-dollar, 1 quarter, 1 nickel. (see related riddle question)