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The problem as stated:

Given - 2 states are NOT continental.

Given - there are 50 states.

Find - % of states that ARE continental.

50 = Total states

-02 = Non-continental states


48 = Continental states

48 of 50 states are continental.

48 / 50 (expressed as a fraction)

48/50 = x/100 (setting up the equation)

48*100 = 50*x (by cross multiplication.)

4800/50 = x (divide both sides by 50)

96 = x (solving the equation)

48/50 = 96/100 (substituting for x)

96/100 = 96% (fraction written as a percentage)

This may be, according to popular but incorrect usage. Alaska is on the same continent as 48 other states and is therefore part of the Continental US.

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Q: What percent of the fifty US states are included in the continental US?
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