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3 tens = 30

% rate of 30:

= 30 x 100%

= 3000%

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Q: What percentage is three tens?
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Is 0.38 bigger than three tens?

Yes, three tens is 0.3, therefore 0.38 is bigger.

How do you write thirty tens?

Thirty tens is equal to three hundred.

How many tens are in three hundred thousand?

300,000/10 = 30,000 tens.

What is forty three tens?


Which number has 3 tens and 8 ones?

38 has three tens and eight ones.

How many halves are in three and five tens?

Seven of them.

What number has twenty three tens and no ones?


How is three tens and thirty hundreds equal?


What is the value of the the three in 835?

3 tens (= 30).

How many tens are in three hundred six?


What is an equivalent decimal of one and three tens?


How many tens are there in 3000?

There are three hundred.

How do you write three and eight tens as a decimal?

It is 3.8

What does 30 tens equal to?

300 three hundred

Who wins in poker if one has two aces and 3 eights and the other has 2 kings and 3 tens?

Two kings and three tens. (Because the three tens are a drill and most valuable than a drill of eights.)

How many tens are there in 9 and 3?

there r probaly no tens in nine or in three because in order for it to be a ten in nine and in three it would have to be a big number like 89 or 56 in order fro nine and three to have tens in them so the answer is non i guest. by:swagger gurl

What is the tens place of 734?

The digit in the tens place of 734 is the 3. The number is pronounced seven three four.

What is three-eights in percentage?

three-eights in percentage = 37.5%

What is three fifth's as a percentage?

three fifth's as a percentage = 60%

How is twelve and three tenths written in standard form?

Three tens can be written as 30

What is three tens and 14 ones?


What number is three tens more than 495?

The answer is 525

How many three digit numbers have 7 tens?


What is the fraction 1 and three tens in a decimal?

I think it is 1.3

How many cents are in six tens and three fourths?