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Unless the CC&Rs or Bylaws specify otherwise, all residents have an equal right to use the common area amenities. The Board of Directors would have authority to adopted reasonable rules and regulations such as hours for use pool or maximum capacity of the community club house.

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Q: What percentage of amenities are used by the residents of a common interest community?
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How many HOAs are in the US?

Common Interest Communities, including HOAs, co-ops and condominium associations are homes to about 20% of the US population -- one in five residents -- according to Community Association Institute, the industry group.

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What is the average HOA fee for a condo?

Condominium assessments are levied against unit owners in proportion to the allocated interest of each unit, and -- in some cases -- use of amenities. There is no standard, because there is no 'standard' or 'average' condominium association. Assessments pay for the operation of the community.

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Generally, yes. The developer filed a land-use programme in your local hall of records establishing the covenants, conditions, restrictions and reservations (CC&Rs) for the property when it was developed. When you purchase property in an association, you're investing as a stakeholder in real estate assets that you own in common with all other owners. You own a percentage share based on your allocated interest. This is not considered a 'membership', but an investment in a common interest community. There may be membership options within the community, such as for use of amenities -- pool, golf course, ski area and so forth.

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In the context of ownership in a common interest community -- regardless of its designation -- every owner owns -- in addition to their assigned 'unit' -- a fraction of the total ownership of the real estates that the community owns in common.Your fraction is generally expressed as a percentage, also known as allocated interest, and its definition by unit number is listed in your governing documents. Look for Voting Rights in the table of contents.Otherwise, within an allocated-interest, percentage ownership, as by two individuals, your governing documents may or may not address conflicting votes.

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Does Florida have a state law governing hot tub temperatures in condo developments?

States are not involved in the operations of amenities owned by common interest community associations.If you have strong feelings about hot tub temperatures, make your wishes known to the board and bring up the topic for discussion in an open board meeting.

What is the price of a condo?

When you purchase a condominium, you purchase the unit. As well, you purchase an interest in the real estate assets owned by the community. These assets may include common areas, limited common areas, amenities, roadways, parks and so forth. Generally, all these assets are included in the price of a condominium.