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What percentage of black was Homer Plessy?

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Homer Plessy was 1/8 (.123%) black.

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Q: What percentage of black was Homer Plessy?
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When was Homer Plessy born?

Homer Plessy was born March 17, 1863.

What did Homer Plessy did for the people?

Homer plessy help people stop segragation and races

Who was the first black man to refuse to give up his seat on the bus?

Homer Plessy

What laws did Homer Plessy violate?

Homer Plessy violated the Louisiana's separate car act of 1890.

Did Homer Plessy have a family?


Did Homer Plessy have any disabilities?

No, it appears Homer Plessy was intelligent, healthy and strong. Nothing in the literature suggests otherwise.

Where was Homer Plessy when he died?

Jacksonville, Florida

What is the dates of Homer plessy accomplishments?


Did Homer Plessy have kids?

yes he had eight children

Where did Homer Plessy live?

New Orleans, Louisiana

How many years was homer plessy in jail?


Is Homer Adolph plessy related to Hitler?

No. No relationship.

What was some of homer a plessy major accomplishments?


How did the plessy vs Ferguson case get its name?

From the plaintiff, Homer Plessy, and the defendant, John Howard Ferguson.

Was Homer Plessy white or black?

Homer Plessy was multi-ethnic and multi-cultural (Franco-American), because both of his parents had a mixture of African-American and Caucasian genes. In the 19th century, most people and all government bodies adhered to the "one-drop rule," which labeled anyone with at least one African-American ancestor black. Louisiana, where Plessy was born and lived his entire life, informally acknowledged degrees of ethnicity because there were many freemen in the State, and the practice of intermarriage was common. By Louisiana standards, Plessy was considered an "octoroon," or someone with one-eighth black ancestry. Plessy identified with his African-American heritage, but evaluated himself as appearing white. You can view a photo of Homer Plessy via Related Links, below.

When did Homer plessy die?

He died on March 1, 1925. :)

When was Homer plessy arrested?

He was arrested on June 7, 1892

Where do homer plessy live?

he live in new Orleans Louisiana

Was Homer plessy a slave?

He was one eighth African American

What are facts about Homer Plessy?

He was one eighth african American

Did Homer Plessy win his supreme court case?

ask your motherlol

When did apartheid start and end?

In 1892 the Homer v. Plessy case in the USA established aparteid for black and white people across the former slave states.

How many children did homer plessy have?

Plessy had three children an when they moved one of there childern had got hit by a car for playing in the street in Washington d.c

Who did homer plessy marry?

he married a 19 year old women named Louise Plessy was 25 at the age he married her they were 6 years apart

Why did Homer Plessy sue John Ferguson?

He sued him because he was the owner of the streetcar that Homer was arrested on for sitting in the "whites only" street car.