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Q: What percentage of the stuff you buy do you still use after six months?
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What percent of stuff we buy is still in use six months later?

in the US only 1% of stuff is still in use after 6 months

When you buy a house in YoVille what happends to your stuff?

Nothing. Your stuff is all still where it originally was.

In fantage when your a member and buy stuff and your not a member anymore can you still wear the member stuff?

No, If you buy items with stars and ur member expired, then those stuff you bought with stars will not be able to use.If ecoins and ur membership expired then YES, you can still wear them..~Alexandra282~Good Luck. :)

What happens to the stuff you bought as a member on stardoll when your membership over?

Your items are still there, don't worry! However, you will no longer be able to buy more Superstar stuff (unless you upgrade back to Superstar or buy Stardollars).

Where can you buy platypus stuff?

You can buy platypus stuff at a pet store

Where can you buy Twilight stuff from in Sydney?

You can buy twilight stuff from sydney in sydney where twilight stuff is sold.

Is the mall open on father's day?

Of course. Lots of people still need to buy stuff for father's day!!

I earned the hall of fame award but everythings still locked?

You have to go to wwe shop mode, and buy the stuff.

Where can you buy free stuff?

You can't "buy" free stuff, it's free.

How do you make art on deviantart not able to buy?

Just submit your artwork and ignore the print stuff. It'll still be uploaded.

Where can you buy zoey 101 stuff?

You can buy ZOEY 101 stuff on or!!!!!!!

What style clothers can buy while pregnant that can still be used after giving birth?

ost maternity clothing can still be worn in the months immediatley following childbirth.