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90 % of workers in China are underpaid by western standards

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Q: What percentage of workers in china are underpaid?
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Why are people getting underpaid in china?

What is "underpaid"? Underpaid makes the assumption that a wage is forced upon the worker, not voluntarily agreed to. Some workers are paid low wages in China because they don't have very marketable job skills, and/or they live in an area that is highly underdeveloped and needs to accumulate more capital for the wages and living/working standards to go up.

Some workers like nurses and doctors are underpaid do you agree wid tht?

Most doctors are not underpaid. There are many nurses are underpaid considering what all they have to do on a daily basis.

How are different workers exploited?

They can be exploited by being underpaid or being overworked.

Are workers in India underpaid?

A lot of them are that is why so much work is done there that used to be done in the more developed world.

Did corruption during the Reconstruction period involve buisnesses who overcharged the government and underpaid workers to make a greater profit?


What is the product life cycle of Vans?

the life cycle of vans is started by millions of underpaid chinese workers and sweat with minimal regulation to the factories

When was Socialist Workers' Party of China created?

Socialist Workers' Party of China was created in 1919.

What are the jobs of the labor unions?

The purpose of labor unions is to protect its members, workers, from being underpaid and overworked. Unions have fees and rules that apply to all members.

How did they make clothes in the 1900?

Pretty much exactly the way they make them now, except that instead of robots they used underpaid workers for the simple, repetitive tasks.

How many workers did built Great Wall of China?

It took 500 000 workers to build the Great Wall of China!

What percentage of the population can read and write in china?

what is the percentage of people that read and write in china

What country has the most workers?