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The answer varies from country to country. And within countries, it varies from region to region.

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What percentage of those jobs is in production agriculture?

no coment

What percentages of all jobs in the US are in agriculture and its related fields?

Roughly 30% of all US jobs have their origin in agriculture or a related field. This includes the large agribusiness processing firms.

What percentage of those jobs is in production agriculture what are the other ones in?


What type of jobs might increase if you stop the production of fossil fuels?


What kinds of agriculture?

Some different kinds of agriculture are crop production, livestock production, forage production, agriculture education, ect.

What are the main jobs in Thailand?

agriculture, though it's on a decline. automotive and electronics production rank next highest.

How many agriculture teacher jobs are available in Missouri?

there are 150000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 agriculture jobs

What jobs use percentages?

Almost every job.

What was the Production Budget for Jobs?

The Production Budget for Jobs was $18,000,000.

Where are the most agriculture jobs located?

Most of the agriculture jobs are located in the heartland where there is nothing but farming there. They have many jobs if you are willing to do the physical labor.

What percent of US jobs are agriculture jobs?


What jobs are there in Greece?


What jobs do they do in Honduras?


What is agriculture and its branches?

Agriculture is an art and science of animal and crop production.

Is cotton agriculture?

The production of cotton is indeed a part of agriculture.

What is the meaning of animal production in agriculture?

This is the act of rasing and production of livestock poultry and its production

What are the main jobs in Morocco?

Jobs that have something to do with Farmlands or Agriculture.

How are livestock and agriculture related?

Livestock is a part of agriculture. It is one of those branches that makes up agriculture, including crops, fruit production, vegetable production, beekeeping and aquaculture.

What is agricultural and pastoral production?

Agriculture is a much broader context of the production and raising of plants and animals for food. Pastoral production (a more specific form of agriculture, and is encapsulated by agriculture and the agricultural industry) involves raising animals on pasture or range for food (meat and milk) and fibre production.

Where in the world is the form of agriculture practiced is it the primary means of food production?

everywhere. agriculture is the main form of food production in the whole world

What jobs are mainly in Oman?

What types of jobs,industry,and agriculture are in Oman.

What is Plantation Agriculture?

Plantation agriculture is extremely large farming like production farming.

The agriculture adjustment administration worked for agriculture recovery by?

urging farmers to reduce production

What are some jobs in agriculture?

A job in agriculture is farming.You farm and take care of animals

What are some agriculture jobs?