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Hundred thousand's place.

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700 0 200 300 800 50 6

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Q: What place value does the 7 hold in the number 723856?
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What place value does 8 hold in the number 486754?

In the number 486754, the 8 holds the ten thousands place.

What is used as a place value holder and holds the place value of ones?

The 'zero' symbol is used as a place value holder,and it can hold any place.

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What is used as a place holder and hold the place value of ones?

The 'zero' digit is used as a place-holder.

What place does 5 hold in this number 12.1256?

In 12.1256, 5 is in the thousandths column.

What is the hundredths place in 0.45?

The 4 holds the tenths place and the 5 holds the hundredths place, a number to the right of the 5 would hold the thousandths place

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