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Plastic alarm clocks are made of plastic.

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Q: What plastic are alarm clocks made from?
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What metals are in alarm clocks?

digital alarm clocks have copper but analog clocks depend on who made it

Why are clocks made plastic?

Some clocks are made of plastic but not all of them are, they can be made from wood and metals too.

What country are alarm clocks made in?


What are the benefits of Zen alarm clocks?

Zen alarm clocks are often made from nice wood and in a Pyramid shape. The benefits of Zen Alarm Clocks is that they have a countdown timer included which is useful for meditation or yoga.

Are FM alarm clocks still made?

FM alarm clocks are still made and sold in regular retail stores. You can check or and search for FM Alarm clocks and it will show all the newest models. some people like the past and still live in it

What other kinds of alarm clocks can be sold at Brookstone?

Brookstone sells self-setting alarm clocks, self-setting alarm clocks with radios, and LCD display alarm clocks with larger numbers. They also sell innovative alarm clocks such as the Tocky Rolling Alarm Clock.

How is a homemade alarm clock made?

made originally with energy from the circut and plastic sometimes glass

Why are alarm clocks so important?

Alarm clocks are useful to keep people on track. Uses for alarm clocks or timers - waking up people, used for cooking.

Are alarm clocks made of flour?

Yes! they are made of flour and flower and oil and pancake mix! No,they are not.

Which companies manufacture vibrating alarm clocks?

There are many different companies that manufacture vibrating alarm clocks. Companies such as Sonic Boom and Shake-N-Wake specialize in vibrating alarm clocks and can be purchased on Amazon.

Can you give me alliteration example for alarm clock?

the alarm clock alarmed Arnold at arbys.

How were clocks originally made?

made originally with energy from the circut and plastic sometimes glass