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Q: What plus eight minus four equals eleven?
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Eleven minus four plus seven equals?

11-4+7 = 14

What is the Difference between 4004 and 8008?

8008-4004=4004 (Eight thousand and eight minus four thousand and four equals 4004)

What is eleven sixths minus seven sixths?

Eleven of anything minus seven of the same thing leaves four of them.

What is negative four over seven minus negative eleven over eight?

-4/7 − -11/8 = 45/56

What is one hundred-eleven minus forty-four?

111 minus 44 is 67.

What is five and three sixths minus four and four sixths?

seventy-eleven and a half

What is nine minus four and three elevenths?

nine minus four and three elevenths is four and eight elevenths

What is minus six times by minus four plus minus eight equal?


What does negative seven minus negative eleven equal?

positive four

What is negative seven minus negative four minus eight?


What is 3-7?


What is six plus four divided by eight times nine minus four?

Six plus four divided by eight times nine minus four is equal to 6.5

What is one more than minus 5?

Minus five, plus one, equals minus four.

What does 10 minus 2 and four fithteenths equal?

7 and eleven fifteenths.

What is minus eight divided by four?


What is twenty-four minus eight?


What is the answer to four minus two and three eighths?

Four minus two and three-eighths equals one and five-eighths.

What times one take seven minus four equals to minus four?

1*-7 +7-4=-4

What minus seventy- four equals nine?


What is 8 minus 4 equals?

4' four

Is eleven a squared number or not?

Eleven cannot be squared, unless by a mixed number, because nothing times four equals eleven.

What times four equals 8?

Two times four equals eight.

Three x squared minus eleven x minus four equals zero?

3x2 - 11x - 4 = 0(3x + 1)(x - 4)x = -1/3 and 4

What is negative eight minus four?

-8 minus 4 is -12

Negative one minus four equals what?

Negative 5.

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