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45+45+45 = 135

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Q: What plus what plus what of the same numbers equal135?
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What is 4b plus 7b plus 5 equal?

4b plus 7b plus 5 will equal 11b plus 5. When you have two variables that are the same you can add the two numbers with the variables remaining the same.

What is the sum of the different numbers that have the same absolute value?

If 2 numbers are different, but have the same absolute value, then one is the opposite of the other. Any number plus its opposite equals zero.

If you have a product of two numbers and you find the product of the opposites of the numbers you get the same result.?

yes. An opposite number is the negative of a positive number, for example -5 and +5 are opposite numbers. Since minus x plus is minus and plus x minus is minus and plus x plus is plus and minus x minus is plus then the product of opposites is the same.

Is 6 plus 4 plus 5 equal to 5 plus 4 plus 6?

Yes - due to commutability, you can rearrange the numbers in any addition sum and the answer will still be the same.

What is a general idea of 1 plus 2 equals 2 plus 1?

This would be the commutative property of addition. It states that we can add the same numbers in any order and arrive at the same answer. I always tell my students the "C" in commutative stands for change as in changing the order of the numbers...

How do you get two phone numbers on the same phone?

You can't really get two phone numbers on the same phone. But, you can get an extension phone number plus your regular phone number. Ask your phone service about an extension number for your phone.

What same numbers equal to 625?

They are: 25 times 25 = 625 or 312.5 plus 312.5 = 625

What does commutative property of addition mean?

It means that it doesn't matter what order the numbers you are adding are in. A plus B is the same as B plus A. Contrast it with subtraction which does not have this quality.

Identify the addition property of 67 plus 4 equals 4 plus 67?

An addition equation is the same thing even if the numbers are switched around.

What is -2 plus -2?


Why -2 times minus 2 equals plus 4?

When two numbers have the same sign, whether plus or minus, their product is positive. When two numbers have opposite signs, their product is negative.

What is 1 plus 3 plus 5 plus 7 plus 9 plus 11 plus 13 plus 15 plus 17 plus 19 plus 21 plus 23 plus 25 plus 27 plus 29 if we add 3 numbers result will be 30?

No. The sequence of numbers we're given are odd numbers, and the sum of any three odd numbers will always be an odd number itself. Because 30 is an even number, you can not pick any three odd numbers that will add up to it.

5 plus 6 equals 6 plus 5 is an example of what property?

Communicative Property of Addition. It is when two numbers are added and the sum is the same, regardless of their order.

What law illustrated by x plus 4 is the same as 4 plus x?

It is not a law. It is the commutative property of numbers over addition.

What is an irrational plus two rational numbers?

Since the sum of two rational numbers is rational, the answer will be the same as for the sum of an irrational and a single rational number. It is always irrational.

What is the mean of 70 plus 70 plus 70 plus 10 plus 10 plus 8 plus 4 plus 18 plus 5 plus 40?

The mean of a set of numbers is the average. That is to say, all the numbers added together and divided by the number of the numbers. the answer is 30.5

Is 3 plus 4 plus 3 plus 6 plus 4 commutative property?

Yes, it is commutative. The result will be the same whatever the order of numbers and the operators are.3 + 4 + 3 + 6 + 4 = 20

What is 6b plus b plus b equal to?

6b+b+b is the same as 6b+1b+1b you can add the numbers together if the variables are the same. 6b+1b+1b=8b

If 1 plus 3 plus 5 plus 7 plus 9 plus 11 plus 13 plus 15 plus 17 plus 19 equals 100 then choose 5 numbers from this whose sum is 50?

impossible, they are all odd numbers, 5 x odd numbers will equal an odd number

What are signed numbers?

Signed numbers are "plus" and "minus" numbers.

Write a C plus plus to find median and mode of a number?

The median and mode of any number is the same number. The mode of 5 is 5, as is the median of 5. In other words, you need two or more numbers to determine the median and mode of those numbers.

What is these numbers average 29.7 plus 48.9 plus 8?

Just add the numbers, and divide the result by 3 (since there are 3 numbers).

If 1 plus 3 plus 5 plus 7 plus 9 plus 11 plus 13 plus 15 plus 17 plus 19 equals 100 then choose five numbers from this such that sum of them is 50?

Impossible. They are all odd numbers. The sum of 5 odd numbers is also an odd number and cannot therefore total 50.

What is the addition property for 6 plus 7 equals 7 plus 6?

the addition property for 6 plus 7 equals 7 plus 6 is the commutative property. This property states that - when two numbers are added, the sum is the same regardless of the order of the addends.

How are elliptical galaxies and spiral galaxies the same?

Both contain large numbers of stars, plus dust, gas, and magnetic fields.