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A house, or at least an irregular pentegon.

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Q: What polygon can you make if you put a triangle on top of a square?
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How do you make a triangle and trapezoid out of a square?

To make a triangle, cut it on its diagonal and put two opposite legs together. you cannot make a trapezoid without two squares, where you do the same thing as the triangle but put the second square in between.

How do you make a square out of tangrams?

First you put both of your big triangles together to form a bigger triangle which is eventually half of the square and then to make the other half you you need to put one of your small triangles in the middle so that the point of it will be touching the point of the bigger triangles you put in be also the side of your small triangle will need to be on the triangle that your havingbe your bottom and then you get your small square and and put it against the other side of the small triangle but also on the big triangle that is going to be the side of the square and then put your other small triangle against the small square but put it upside down so that there will be part of the top and then put your parrellelogram upright by the small triangle that has its point by the big triangles and then last but not least put your last small triangle in the corner to finish the top and side of your square.this is one way you can make a square out of tangrams.but there is seven more not counting this way.

How do you make a 4 piece triangle tangram?

You take one of the large triangles and then put the square on the side of the triangle on the top towards the verticy. Then put the smaller triangle under the square and put the parallelogram under that so it all lines up.

How do you make a rectangle with triangle and square?

Put the two bases of the triangle together. To form a square. Place the squares side by side to form a rectangle

How do you draw a house?

Ok Make a square and then put a big triangle at the top of the square and in the middle at the bottom of hte square make a rectangle like this

Why is it called set square when it is a triangle?

Because you use it to draw squares. Also if you put two together they make a square.

How can you make your car invisible in Grand Theft Auto 3?

Put in the Invisible car Cheat(L1,L1,Square,R2,Triangle,L1,Triangle)

If you have a square and you put a triangle on top of it what is it called?

A house or a pentagon

How do you get the northwestern sea chart in Zelda the phantom hourglass?

When you get to the place where you must put the pedistals, the square circle and triangle. Put them in that exact order then walk back ∟ O /\ SQUARE CIRCLE TRIANGLE

What do you get when you put 4 triangle anf 1 square together?

A rectangle

Differentiate convex polygon from non convex polygon?

A polygon is convex if it has no two points that can be used to define a line segment that falls outside of that polygon. Another way to put it is: a convex polygon has all vertices pointing 'out'. Consider the following 6-sided polygon: _ ' | |_ |__| Well you get the idea. The 'notch' cut out of the square turns the square into a six sided figure now, with the 'corner' in the upper right pointing 'in' so the polygon is not convex.

Cheats for Spider-Man 2 on ps2?

Go to the menu screen and hold R1,R2,L1,L2. Release after every code. Put In the following codes. Invincible. Triangle Square Square Square Circle. Double strength. Circle Square Square Square Triangle. Full Health. Cross Triangle Circle Cross Cross Square.