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A rhombus or a parallelogram would fit the given description providing the acute angles are equal and the obtuse angles are equal and that they all add up to 360 degrees.

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Q: What polygons fit the following decryption 1 pair of Acute angels 1 pair of obtuse angels?
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What does an obtuse equilateral look like?

There cannot be an obtuse equilateral triangle. A rhombus is an equilateral quadrilateral with two obtuse angles (and two acute ones). Not sure if that counts as an obtuse equilateral. All regular polygons with more than four sides will be obtuse and equilateral. There are also other polygons that will meet these requirements. These will be squashed polygons in the same way that a rhombus is a squashed square.

Which shape has at least a obtuse angle?

if you are talking about regular polygons, then nothing has an obtuse angle. otherwise, pretty much any shape can have an obtuse angle

How many obtuse angels does a irreugular trapazoid have?

Not so sure about angels, but an irreugular trapezoid has 1 or 2 obtuse angles.

What types of angles in nonagon?

Obtuse. All regular polygons with more than 4 sides are obtuse-angled. Why? Think about a square...

Is 106 degrees angels acute obtuse. right or straight?

106 degrees is an obtuse angle

Which shape has obtuse angles?

All regular polygons with more than 4 sides.

What is the sum of the angels of an obtuse triangle?

360 degrees

How many obtuse angels does a rhombus?

Exactly two.

How many obtuse angle does a irregular polygon have?

This depends on the polygon.For a triangle (3-sides) : maximum 1 obtuse angle.Quadrialteral (4-sides): maximum 3 obtuse angles.For polygons with more sides, it is possible for all angles to be obtuse.

Are the angels inside a reguler hexagon all obtuse right angels or acute?

A regular hexagon has 6 equal interior obtuse angles each measuring 120 degrees

Does an obtuse triangle always has 2 angels that are acute?


What shape has both acute and obtuse angels?