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-1+8, -2+9, -3+10 and so on.

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Q: What positive and negative numbers equal 7?
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Why does negative and negative equal positive?

A negative and a negative does NOT equal positive.For example(-7) + (-7) = -14 which is not positive!

Is the product of positive numbers and 7 negative numbers a positive number or a negative number?


Is the product of 7 positive numbers and 6 negative numbers a positive or negative number?


In order from greatest to least which will go first 7 or -5?


What two negative numbers added together equal positive 7?

A negative number added to a negative number will always come out negative.

Is the product of 7 negative numbers and 8 positive numbers a positive number or a negative number?

negative number

What is 63 divided by negative 7?


If you add a positive and a negative number how can you tell whether the answer will be positive negative or equal?

If the negative number is bigger then the answer will be negative If the bigger number is positive then the answer will be positive. All you do is subtract the two numbers and take the sign of the bigger number Ex (+2)+(-7)=(-5)

Does a negative plus a negative equal a negative?

Negative plus Negative would equal positive in Maths. like this: -7 + -8 = 1 Because you're adding a minus It Will Not Equal a Positive it will Equal a Negative. -7+-8= -15. Because you are adding a negative to another negative. If the problem was -7+8= 1. Because you are taking seven out of that eight. If It were to be multiplication than a negative TIMES a negative would have been a positive(-8 x -7=56). And a negative TIMES a positive would be a negative (-8 x 7=-56).

What is negative 3 plus positive 7 equal?

Positive 4 -3 + 7= 4 Negative 3 plus positive 7 equals positive 4.

Does a negative minus a negative equal a positive?

Not necessarily. Examples: -1 - (-5) = -1 + 5 = 4, which is positive, but -10 - (-3) = -10 + 3 = -7, a negative. So it depends on the numbers used.

What does positive 4 plus negative 7 equal?

The answer is negative 3.

What doe positive minus negative equal?

Positive. 7 - (-4) = 11

What negative number and positive number subtracted equal positive 7?

A negative number subtracted by a positive number will always end up negative.

What is does negative 1 plus positive 8 equal?


What does negative 7 minus 2 equal?

The Answer is a Positive 9

What does 2 times negative 4 times negative 7 equal and why?

In order to multiply two numbers together when one or more of them is negative, you start by multiplying them normally. In this case 4x7 = 28. The next step is to assess whether or not the answer is a negative or positive. If the two numbers being multiplied were the same (both negative or both positive) then the answer is positive. Otherwise, it is negative. In this case, we had -4 and -7 which are both negative, so the answer is positive 28. Thus the question can be rewritten as 2x28. This comes out as 56. Therefore 2 times negative 4 times negative 7 is 56.

What is 7 times -12?


Does a negative number plus a positive number equal a positive or a negative number like -8 7?


Can negative numbers be factors of positive numbers?

Sure. (-5) times (-7) = +35

When you add a negative and a positive number what will you get?

Either a negative or a positive result depending on the values of the numbers as for example -7+9 = 2 but -9+7 = -2

Subtract Integer- what does positive 4 subtract positive 7 equal?


What negative numbers when multiplied together equal 49?

They can be: -7*-7 = 49

What is negative seven in Parentheses to the second power?

positive 49 Because a negative times a negative is a positive. -7*-7=49. positive * positive = positive negative * negative= positive positive * negative = Negative

Is 7 plus 1 a positive or a negative?

7+1=8 Eight, the sum of these two numbers, is a positive number. The only way these two specific numbers could combine to create a positive number would be if they were both negative, if seven was negative or if they were multiplied together and one was a negative number.