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dekameter abbreviated dam

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Q: What prefix and unit represents 10 meters?
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What prefix represents 10 meters?

10^1 = Deca So 10 meters = 1 Decameter.

What is 135 cm in meters?

1.35 meters. 100 cm = 1 m. 135/100 = 1.35. This displays the inherent usefulness of the metric system as all units and subunits are simply related by powers of 10 and can be readily identified by their prefix. Milli = 1/1000 of a unit Centi = 1/100 of a unit Deci = 1/10 of a unit No prefix = that unit Deca = 10 * that unit Hecto = 100 * that unit Kilo = 1000 times that unit And so on.

What is the unit of measure for wavelengths?

Meters, usually nanometers (10^-9).

Units represents the shortest unit of length?

The shortest unit of length is the Planck length, denoted ℓP, equal to 1.616252×10−35 meters.

Does 100 meters equal a decameter?

No. The prefix deca- means 10. So a decameter is 10 meters. 100 meters are a hectometer.

How many meters are there in a 1km?

In one kilometer there are 1000 meters. Kilo is the prefix for 10^3.

What does the prefix pico- indicate?

It indicates 10-12 of a unit.

What is the least unit of measurement in the metric system?

There is no such thing as smallest unit in the metric system. For example, the official prefix for the smallest unit is "yocto-", which is one septillionth (10^-24). But measurements can go on to 10^-11 yoctometres which is the Planck length, the smallest measurable distance.

How many meters are in10 kilometers?

There are 0.001 km in 1 meter. All you have to do is multiply 10 by 0.001. Just remember when you go from a prefix to a base, km being a prefix and m being a base, you multiply. When you are going from a base to a prefix, divide. 10 times 0.001 is 0.01m.

1 Armstrong unit equal to how many meters?

One Angstrom unit = 10^(-10) meter

What is the symbol and meaning of the prefix Deci - dm equal to one tenth of a metre?

The prefix "deci-" is denoted by d and represents 1/10.

Metric unit equal to 10 meters?