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Q: What professions would use a adze?
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How can you use the word adze in a sentence?

i use my adze on making my canoe

How do you use adze a sentence?

This is an axe-like tool. Here are some sentences.Pioneers used an adze to help clear their land.Keep the adze sharp and well oiled.Use the adze to clear that brush.

What profession would use discriminant analysis?

Professions that require counselling usually use discriminant analysis. These professions that use discriminant analysis can include mediators, counselors and negotiators.

4 letter word wood cutting arched tool?

This would be an Adze. Traditionally used for shaping large wood beams, but has many other uses as well, such as kerfing Logs for a log cabin. Also, the spell check on this site would have Adze spelled wrong, but Actually The correct Spelling IS Adze.

What professions would use photoshop regularly?

Graphic designers and artists

Give you five professions that use chemistry?

give me five professions that use chemistry?

How different professions use English differently?

how different professions use English language differently?

What professions use scientific notation?

People in the sciences are the main professions that use scientific notation

Can you use a battle axe to chop down trees in runescape?

No, you can strictly only use Hatchets or the Fire Adze.

What professions use order of operations?

No professions use order of operations. It is just a method of solving an equation.

What professions do not use scientific notation?

Professions that do not use scientific notation are most anything outside the sciences.

What professions pi used?

pi did not use any professions! It was merely a number.