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The Identity Property of Multiplication.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What property is 1n equals n?
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What is 1n over 4 equals 9?

If: 1n/4 = 9 Then: n = 36

10m-1n-5for m equals 10 and n equals -2?

m=10 n=-2 10m-1n-5= 10(10)-1(-2)-5= 100+2-5= 97

What is n in 13n-12n equals 14 plus 10?

13n-12n=14+10 13n-12n=1n 1n=n n=14+10 14+10=24 n=24 so the answer is n=24

What property is 1 x n equals n?

Multiplicative identity property.

O n equals 2n - 1?


What does 1N mean in algebra?

1n=n 1xn if n mean 64, n=64, 1xn=64,1n=64

Which property is illustrated by the statement if -4 equals n then n equals -4?


What property is n plus 72 equals 72?

It is the property of n as the additive identity.

What is Haploid (n)?

A Haploid number is n or 1n.

Is m plus n equals n plus m disributive property?


Is m plus n equals n plus m the property of commutative?


What Property is m plus n equals n plus m?


1 plus r raised to power n equals?

Binomial Theorem: 1n + nC1*1n-1*r + nC2*1n-2*r2+......+nCn-1*1*rn-1 + rn Or (1+r)n = 1 + n*r + n(n-1)/2! * r2 + n(n-1)(n-2)/3! * r3 + .......... n(n-1)...(n-k)/k! * rk if n < 1 as you cannot calculate the combinations that easily. This gives an accurate approximation provided that abs(x) < 1.

What is property of 1 equals 7n?

n = 1/7

What multiplication property is this 6 multiplied parenthesis 10 plus 5 parenthesis equals n?

No property. Unless n is known there is no property exhibited.

What property is shown by the equation 12 plus 0 equals 12?

It is the additive identity property of zero. (n+0=n)

What is m plus 1n equals b?

It is a mathematical equation.

What is needed to answer 1n equals 1kgx1?


What is a haploid number?

A Haploid number is n or 1n.

What is 7 plus 3 equals n plus 7?

The value of n is 3, by the commutative property.

What is the additvie identity property of 0?

any number (n) added to zero equals that same number (n). n + 0 = n

Which is greater 1n or 1 dyne?

1 N = 100,000 dyne.

How would you solve 3n-2n?

3n - 2n = n 3n - 2n = (3 - 2)n = 1n = n

Is 7 plus 3 plus 4 equals n plus 4 a associative property?

No. If your trying to find n, then you subtract four from each side. n = 10 That would be subtraction property of equality.

What does 1N equal?

You need a full equation. For example, i could be 1n=5, which you would divide 5 by 1 and n=5. But you need an equation.