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because its zero

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What property is illustrated by each statement 0 plus x equals x?
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Name the property shown by each statement?


What property is illustrated by each pair of equations 12 times 2 divided by 6?

There is no equation, let alone a pair of them!

Complete each statement 1 km equals ..m?

1 km = 0.62137 mile (rounded)

What property of equality would be used to solve the equation -3x equals 252?

The multiplicative property of equality. Multiply each side by -1/3.

Which property is illustrated in the example 29 x 15 15 x 29?

Because the products on each side of the multiplication side are being reversed, 29 x 15 = 15 x 29 demonstrates the communicative property of multiplication

Which property says that a factor times the sum of quantities equals the sum of the products of the factor and each quantity?


What equals 83?

Only 83, no other number. The fact that each number is unique is a very important property of the number system.

Is 5 equals 5 plus 0 the symmetric property if not what property is it?

No, 5 = 5 + 0 is an example of the Zero Identity Property of Addition. The Symmetric property is a + b = b + a, so you're basically just reversing two terms and saying they're equal to each other.

Is 7 plus 3 plus 4 equals n plus 4 a associative property?

No. If your trying to find n, then you subtract four from each side. n = 10 That would be subtraction property of equality.

What physical property is described by each of the following statement solid oxygen melts at -218 degree Celsius?

-218,79 0C is the freezing point of oxygen.

Illustrated each phase of the moon?

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The value of each sports illustrated magazine varies. The average price online is from .99 - 12.99.

What is a logical argument in which each statement is backed up by a statement that is accepted as true?

A logical argument in which each statement is backed up by a statement that is accepted as true is a proof.

Are the functions of the limbs of each animals illustrated the same or different?


What are row level and statement level triggers?

The FOR EACH ROW option determines whether the trigger is a row trigger or a statement trigger. If you specify FOR EACH ROW, then the trigger fires once for each row of the table that is affected by the triggering statement. The absence of the FOR EACH ROW option indicates that the trigger fires only once for each applicable statement, but not separately for each row affected by the statement.

What feature of life is illustrated by to win at that sport her muscle cells need to be worked hard each day?

The feature of life illustrated by "to win at that sport, her muscle cells need to be worked hard each day" is Using Energy".

What statement about the mass of an object is FALSE?

Each of the "following" statement is neither true nor false.

Give at least 2 example for each property?

give at least 5 example of each property

What element of storytelling is illustrated in all four of the sentences below each drawn from the excerpt?


Can a co owner of a property have the other evicted?

No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the use and possession of the property.No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the use and possession of the property.No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the use and possession of the property.No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the use and possession of the property.

How toIdentify the addition property used to rewrite each problem 14 plus 102 plus 367 equals 102 plus 14 plus 367?


Is a credit card company obligated to send you a billing statement each month even if there is no balance?

Yes, they should be sending you a statement each month. However, if you do not owe them anything, they will not need to send you a statement.

Solving each system using the substotution method 2x equals 3y x equals 3y-3?

2x=3yx=3y-32(3y-3)=3y substitution6y-6=3y distributive property3y=6 addition property of equalityy=2 multiplication(division) property of equalityx=3(2)-3 substitutionx=6-3x=3

Which of these statements are false?

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What are the constituents of a strategy statement?

Strategy statement is the proposed plan on how an objective is to achieved in each phase of strategic management process which can be viewed to be consisting of a number of elements, and can be clearly related with input and output relationships. The steps have logical connectivity and hence these are sequential. These steps can be illustrated with the help of a flow diagram. The following discrete twelve steps can be considered as comprehensive.i. Defining the vision of the company as a statement.ii. Defining the mission of the company as a statement.iii. Determining the purposes or goals as a statement.iv. Defining the objectives as a statement.v. Environment scanning as a statementvi. Carrying out corporate appraisal as a statementvii.Developing strategic alternatives as a statementviii.Selecting a strategy as a statementix. Formulating detailed strategy as a statementx. Preparing a plan as a statementxi. Implementing a strategy as a statementxii.Evaluating a strategy as a statement.