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It is a consequence of the property that 0 is the additive identity.

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Q: What property is this 1315 x 0 equals 0?
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What is the property of 2 x 0 equals 0?

It's called the zero property

What is the property for x plus 0 equals x?

The zero property because it has a zero.

What is the property for 0 plus x equals x?


What property is X plus 0 equals x?

0 as the additive identity for numbers.

What property does 18 plus 0 equals 18 represent?

The existence of an additive identity, denoted by 0, which has the property that x + 0 = 0 + x = x for all x belonging to a set of numbers.

What is the property of 83 0 equals 0?

83*0 = 0 is the multiplicative property of zero. Incidentally, the identity property of multiplication states that x*1 = x = 1*x for all x in the group. That is a different property though sometimes confused with this one.

Show that a x 0 equals 0 x a equals 0?

Yes it does equal 0. This is proved by commutative property of maths which says that 2 numbers can be multiplied in many ways.

What is the property of 3 x 0 equals 0?

It is called the zero property which says that any number into zero gives zero.

What property is illustrated by each statement 0 plus x equals x?

because its zero

What algebraic property is 8 equals x and x equals y?

Transitive property: If 8 equals x and x equals y, then 8 equals y.

What property is x equals y and y equals 10 then x equals 10?

transitive property

X plus 0 equals x is what property?

It defines 0 as the identity in the group of numbers with respect to addition.

What property is shown in the equation below 6 x 0 equals 0?

zero property

If ex equals 0 x equals?


How do you find the value of 16 x 0?

0 By the multiplication property of 0, any number multiplied by 0 equals 0

What is an additive inverse property?

the additive inverse property states that a number plus it's opposite equals zero. in other words, x + (-x) = 0 example: 5 + (-5) = 0

Zero factor property 2x2-x-15 equals 0?

2x2-x-15 = 0 When factorised: (2x+5)(x-3) = 0

Name the property illustrated by the following x plus -x equals 0?

This is the existence of additive inverse: For every number, x, there exists a number, denoted by (-x), such that x + (-x) = (-x) + x = 0.

Which property is A plus X equals X plus A?

The Abelian property or commutative property.

What does 0 plus x plus y equals x plus y equal?

That's the identity property of addition. Anything plus zero equals what you started out with.

Is x equals 0 x equals 0 parallel?

Simply put, No.

What is 49765 x 0 equals?

It equals 0

If x-6x equals 0 what is x?

x - 6x = 0-5x= 0x = 0/-5which equals x = 0

What property is if x equals 4 and y equals 2x then y equals 8?

Substitution property.

What is x equals to 2x-2x plus 456 equals 0?


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