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Q: What property of similar triangles allows the development of trigonometric ratios for any angle in a right triangle?
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Does a right angled triangle have vertices?

Vertices are the main property of triangles. No vertices, no triangle.

When would you use the law of sines or law of cosines instead of a trigonometric ratio?

Trigonometric ratios, by themselves, can only be used for right angled triangles. The law of cosines or the sine law can be used for any triangle.

Which statement illustrates the transitive property for congruence of triangles?

The answer is Triangle KLM ~Triangle KLM on apex..

How calculate angle in isosceles triangle?

use protractor, or divide isosceles triangle into two right triangles, and use trigonometric functions to find the angles individually (ONLY IF YOU HAVE ALL SIDE LENGTHS CAN YOU DO THIS)

What is trigonometry all about?

The word, trigonometry" is derived from trigon = triangle + metry = measurement. It is based on the study of angles of a triangle and their properties. Although trigonometric ratios are often introduced to students in the context of triangles, their properties for all angles.For example, trigonometric functions are well defined for angles with negative values as well as for more than 180 degrees even though no triangle can possibly have angles with such measures.

How do you spell the kinds of triangles?

Some types of triangles are: scalene triangle equilateral triangle isosceles triangle acute triangle right triangle obtuse triangle

How many triangles are in 1 triangles?

there are 27 triangles in a triangle

How do you find areas of triangles with one side being 12 and another 10?

I find the easiest way is to split the triangle into to right angles. This will only work if you know the length of the base or if you can find another part of your two new triangles using trigonometric or Pythagoras functions.

How many triangles are in Sierpinski's triangle?

Well a Sierpinski Triangle is a triangle mad up of 69 small triangles.

Which statement about triangles cannot be proved for all triangles?

if a triangle is acute, then the triangle is equilateral

How many triangles are in a triangle with 25 triangles inside?

Find out the number of matchsticks that the learners would need to build 40 triangles

What is the difference between an isosceles and an scaline triangle?

An equilateral triangle is a triangle where all of the sides are of equal length. An isosceles triangle is a triangle that has only two sides that are of equal length.